Flower Exhibition in Kiev 2010

So there was an exhibition of flowers in the city of Kiev, which was held from August 22 to September 1. In this 2010, it was paid. Perhaps this fact upset many, although the price for the entrance was not large: 10 hryvnia for everyone and 5 hryvnia for schoolchildren and students.

The exhibition was held at an already traditional place in the center of Kiev on a beer field.

In principle, it was possible to get there for free, for this it was necessary to climb over the fence from the backyard of the Pechersk Lavra.

Landscape expositions from each district of the city of Kiev were exhibited at the exhibition. But most of the area was occupied by tents with flowers and other related products. It was possible to buy mead, at a price of 40 hryvnia per liter. The flowers themselves, vases, honey were also sold. Overall, it was quite nice to see the exhibits, slightly upsetting the large number of people, although it was not surprising.

Photos from the flower exhibition in Kiev 2010 are attached just below.

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