Elections in Kiev 2012 or how Partsaladce does not pay for the work of the members of the commission

Not so long ago, parliamentary elections were held in Ukraine. It was necessary to elect deputies to the Verkhovna Rada and deputies by districts. The fight was not a joke.

By the way, this was probably one of the toughest elections since 2005. Oh too bad the organization is lame. But that's how lucky.

Not many people went to the polls, about 60% of those on the lists. As usual, there were those that were not on the lists. They are not on the lists from year to year, i.e. in order to vote, you need to get into an additional list, for this you need to apply for a polling station at least a week before election day. Why such people don't stay on the lists later is a mystery to me. It turns out that for every election you need to be included in the list.

I will not describe the actual election process, since there is already a lot of information.

Payment for elections 2012

Alas, here is the main puncture. After a day, and before that there were still 5-7 meetings about and without. We received only 250 UAH per diem from the state!

We came from such a deputy as Lev Partskhaladze, more precisely, we came from the Slavic Party and the Green Union Party, which were not even on the lists, but were sponsored by Partskhaladze.

So, this same Partskhaladze was offended that he did not pass :-). And he decided not to pay all the members of the commission who worked for him. He threw ordinary people, aunts and uncles, grandparents who just wanted to make some money in the elections. After all, it was promised 2000 UAH, which for many people is not bad money.

As for the payment of other parties, Alexander Tretyakov, the secretary of the PEC, paid 2,000 hryvnias, although it was promised a little more.

In short, candidates paid less for these elections than in the previous ones. In previous regions, ordinary members of the commission were paid 2400 UAH each. Crisis however!

What if you didn't get paid for the election?

Basically nothing. Because to prove that you were promised something is unrealistic. The most that can be done is to tell your friends that such a candidate, an asshole, since he does not pay money for work and it is certainly not worth voting for him.

Well, another option is not to participate in the elections :-). Let them work for 250 UAH for a week and do not sleep for a day.