Second round. Time spent on elections (from the position of a member of the commission) and salary

So, the second round took place. It took a little less time than the first one, let's see how much they will pay for it.

Let's start counting:

1) Debriefing of the first round at the party headquarters. As it turned out in the second round, the members of the commission were reduced to 16 people at the polling station, 8 from each candidate. Therefore, all the polling stations were re-formed and some people did not take part in the second round. Fortunately, or maybe it did not affect me to grief and we talked about about 2.5 hours.

Time spent: 2.5 hours

2) The first meeting of the commission, we talked about who is on duty on a permanent basis, voted for it, dispersed.

Time spent: 1.5 hours

3) I had to bring a copy of my passport and code, I had to go to the site completely unplanned.

Elapsed time 15 minutes

4) Finally brought invitations, I had to sign them again.

Time spent: 3 hours

5) The second meeting of the commission, much was said, the secretary was changed, money was raised for lunches and water.

Time spent: 3 hours

6) Receiving ballots. Not without adventure. I had to go to the UWC to change the application for the replacement of the secretary, something was not correctly issued there. Then they counted the ballots, decorated the tables, and carried out preparatory work.

Time spent: 5 hours.

7) Election Day.

Time spent: 17 hours, but then we waited for the head of the station to return from the HVAC to draw up protocols, so we dispersed as early as 4 am.

In total, the time costs were: 32 hours.

As for the payment is not yet known, I hope in the coming days something will be paid.

Added: Paid 2 times less than for the first round, which is quite fair, everyone is happy 🙂