VIP Sauna ( – a bath in Kiev in the Park of Friendship of Peoples in the X Park by the river. Reviews

VIP Sauna ( is an unusual bathhouse on the banks of the Desenka River, in Kiev, in the entertainment complex IKS Park, in the Park of Friendship of Peoples.

Information about VIP Sauna

This sauna is located in X-Park, it is a large entertainment complex on the banks of the Desenka River. In summer, you can swim in the complex on water skis, relax, sit in nature, play different games. There is a whole entertainment complex.

In winter, most of the summer entertainment is closed. But the sauna is open :-). More precisely, there are as many as 2 saunas, one large, the other small. Next, I'll describe the big one.

By the way, this sauna is more like a Russian bath, i.e. there you can pour water on the stones and use a broom.

Review and impression of visiting VIP Sauna

The sauna is not large, optimal for 6 people. If you ask for two more chairs, then 8 people will be freely seated, but there will not be so much space!

Here is a photo of the main hall. From the side of the photo, you can't see the TV. In addition, the sauna has a cooler, kettle and hairdryer. Therefore, there are no problems with tea. True, the kit includes only 4 cups, I do not know why, so it is better to inspect everything in advance and ask for the missing dishes.

VIP Sauna ( - a bath in Kiev in the Park of Friendship of Peoples in the X Park by the river. Reviews

In addition to the main room, there is also a room for relaxation :-). It's a dumb bed, pillow and blanket. The minus of the room, and in general the sauna, can be attributed to the fact that behind the next wall there is a banquet hall. And when there is a corporate party or a party, then conversations and fun are heard through the wall.

VIP Sauna ( - a bath in Kiev in the Park of Friendship of Peoples in the X Park by the river. Reviews

As for the steam room itself. It's specific. There is only one row of seats-lying on top. It looks like this:

VIP Sauna ( - a bath in Kiev in the Park of Friendship of Peoples in the X Park by the river. Reviews

That is, on the right is a wood-burning stove. And you don't toss firewood yourself. Well, just a big such a board shelf, there can be 3 people lying there at the same time. BUT! In the first hour, it is not possible to sit on this shelf without a wooden stand or a towel. It was VERY hot. And the steam is dry. Although water can be easily poured on the stones.

At first, we did not understand how to relax in this sauna. And it turns out to be simple! You have to steam, okay. And then go take a dip in the river! After the river (there is a temperature of +5), you can safely already lie on the boards in the sauna and it is no longer so hot. That is, the river is a very big plus! In winter, naturally.

By the way, in addition to the river, there is no more cooling in the sauna. Just a shower.

Shower by the way in sauna 2, in a separate room + room with toilet. In general, everything is OK in this regard. Hot water is also natural.

The river is very close by the way. To the stairs I enter, you need to walk 10 meters. Next, go down the stairs and in the river the depth will be somewhere up to the waist. This is enough to plunge and return to the steam room.

The approach to the water is normal, but from top to the steps slippery! Therefore, it is necessary to carefully hold on to the railing during the descent and before the descent.

Overall the sauna was very nice because of the presence of the river!

Conclusions on VIP Sauna:

– In winter, the river is very super steaming there.

– More than 8 people don't go there

– It is better to buy your own broom, because on the spot it costs 65 UAH

– You need to take towels and slippers and preferably a sheet with you, because again all this costs extra money.

– The main trump card of the sauna is the river!

Contacts of VIP Saunas in Kiev:

Park of Friendship of Peoples, entertainment complex IKS Park (X-Park).

Phone to order:

+38 063-136-25-85

+38 044-229-26-17

Official sauna website: