The whole world of armored doors – feedback on the installation of entrance doors bodyguard

The whole world of armored doors ( Ukrainian manufacturer of entrance doors bodyguard, as well as body armor.

Company Information The Whole World of Armored Vehicles (

The company was founded in 1998 in Kiev. The founder of the company, as well as the inventor of many patents, is Igor Omelchenko.

All doors are produced in Kiev, on the territory of the Vulkan plant.

Initially, the company produced armored doors for bank safes. But then they expanded their production to armored dedverts for the population.

In the assortment there are very different doors, entrance doors, for entrances, offices, etc. But the main bestseller is the front door BODYGUARD. These are entrance doors certified according to the 4th class of burglary resistance. The usual armored car in other companies is certified according to the 1st class of burglary resistance. The higher the class, the longer it takes to break down the doors.

On the company's website, there is a forum where problem areas of doors are discussed, as well as statistics on hacking are collected.

In addition, there are many video materials about how the doors are tested.

Personal experience of ordering armored doors BODYGUARD Fiberboard 31

The company's website is not very cool in design and is a little overloaded with information. Therefore, before ordering, you need to read a lot of things. I was interested in budget doors. Calling the company, on the phone I was told that the canvas and box of all models are essentially the same, only the locks and the design of the door differ.

At the time of ordering, there was a promotion on the site, 10% discount. In total, the base cost of the door BODYGUARD fiberboard 31 came out 675 USD. Next, we add 55 USD for the Motura lock + 15 USD valve + 30 USD isolon (improves sound insulation) + 50 UAH measurement + 200 UAH delivery and dismantling of the old door. In total, the amount came out with all discounts of 765 USD + 250 UAH.

Then the measurer arrived, measured the doors, signed a contract (took an advance payment). The base price of the door is leather vinyl upholstery. External and internal flowers you choose yourself.

A week's wait and on the specified date we arrived to put the door down.

The installation took approximately 2 hours. The installers carefully swept everything behind them and here's what happened:

The whole world of armored doors - feedback on the installation of entrance doors bodyguard

The whole world of armored doors - feedback on the installation of entrance doors bodyguard

As you can see, the plaster around the perimeter was removed, by about 10 cm. Therefore, if you are making repairs in the apartment, ideally the doors should be installed in the repair process. And so we're going to have to do the slopes again. By the way, the doors are placed close to the wall, i.e. before that there were Chinese doors and they were not fitted to the wall, i.e. there was a layer of plaster.

And this is how the doors look from the outside, very nondescript:

The whole world of armored doors - feedback on the installation of entrance doors bodyguard

Keep in mind that these doors (and any other) guarantee only burglary resistance, but do not guarantee protection against lock picks. Therefore, do not forget to put good locks. In general, the main feature of the doors is that non-professionals will go to break down the door of the neighbor and not yours. And a professional I think will open any door.

My conclusions on bodyguard doors:

In general, I was satisfied with the installation and service. Everything is clear and without delay.

The most important disadvantage of doors is the price! Given that now the dollar exchange rate is unstable, and the company is tied to the dollar, I paid about 15,000 UAH for the door! This is despite the fact that another armored door of the first class of burglary resistance would have cost me half the price!

Contacts of the company "The whole world of armored doors"

On the official website you will find all the necessary information. In principle, to order inexpensive doors, it is not necessary to look at them. Because you only need to choose the color of the upholstery.

Well, if you want to order more beautiful doors, then of course it is better to come to the salon.

Addresses of salons:

Kyiv, Krasnoarmeyskaya street, 66

Contact phones:

(044) 491-13-26

(044) 237-13-26

(067) 466-13-26

(063) 237-13-26

Skype: Vmb Ukr

E-mail: [email protected]

In addition, there is a representative office in the shopping center Dreamtown 2, 2nd floor, entrance 4a, household block

Official website of the company: