Sushivok ( – a network of sushi stores with delivery in Kiev

Drying ( is a network of stores selling ready-made sushi, as well as components for self-preparation of rolls.

Information about the Sushivok network (

This network was opened not long ago, in 2013. It is worth noting that in Russia, this network is quite popular. And most likely in Ukraine, it was opened by Russian investors.

Now about the network itself. In general, there are enough sushi delivery services in Kiev. But, there are not so many cheap deliveries. For example, in SushiVok you can dial roles for 4 people for 150 UAH. There are sets even for 100 UAH. That is, the prices are pleasing.

But with delivery there is a nuance, it is pedestrian and paid. It costs 20 UAH if you do not have a regular customer roller and 10 UAH if you have a card. However, you can pick up sushi from cooking points yourself. Still, the delivery area from this point is covered with 15 minutes of walking.

By the way, the loyalty card also gives discounts of up to 25%! Initial discount of 5%.

Sushi order experience in Sushivok (

We go to their website, looking for the point of Sushivok on the map, not far from home. If there is one, then we call and order sushi, which is in the menu on the site.

Next, you are told when you can follow them, or when they will be delivered to the house. In my case, you could come for them within 20 minutes after the call. That is, they are prepared quickly.

We go and take the sushi. Sauce + sticks + ginger + wasabi + kulek is included.

As for the amount of soy sauce, we didn't have enough. There wasn't a lot of ginger either. But this nuance applies to all delivery services! That is, it is better to keep a liter of soy sauce + a can of ginger at home. To get full pleasure from eating sushi.

As for the taste of sushi – quite normal. We ordered not an expensive set.

Overall, I liked the service in Sushivok. Everything was quick and clear.

The main thing is that there would be the address of Sushivok in the vicinity of you.

Delivery addresses Sushivok (, website

On the official website, you can see all the points of SushiVok.

Here's what was revealed for 2014:

Kyiv, Anna Akhmatova St., 3, +38(097)03-111-72

Kyiv, Borshchahivska str., 212, +38(097)03-111-62

Kyiv, Metro station Obolon, lobby No1, +38(097)03-111-84

Kyiv, Theodora Dreiser St., 4, +38(097)03-111-69

Kyiv, Chokolovsky Boulevard, 31, +38(067)40-60-108

Website with menus and contacts: