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Metal Stone Interior (Metal and stone in the interior), the site of is a company in Kiev that produces metal structures for the interior.

Review of metal Stone Interior

In this company, 4 legs for the table were purchased. The plan was to screw them to the countertop.

The company was found through an ad on OLH.

metal stone interior table legs

We agreed to pick up the legs by self-delivery in Kiev, on Melnyk 7. We arrived, waited for 10 minutes for Andrei Parkhomenko, it was he who gave the announcement but OLH. Then we chose 4 legs, because he had 8 in the car, but some were a little scratched. Generally not critical. Well, let's go home :-).

Of the minuses of the seller: the legs were not wrapped in any way, i.e. it is stupidly 4 legs, without a film without anything. Somehow it is not good not to pack the goods….

Upon arrival home, and screwing the legs to the countertop, we realize that it does not look very good, and for our countertop we need other legs. Given that this is still a company and the legs of these standard goods, and not made to order, we call and try to agree on the return or replacement of legs for others. To which Andrey says that he has a lot of orders and it is easier for him to return the money than to throw off the photos that are there from the finished. This all happens within 3 days.

In addition, when we screwed the legs and put the countertop, a piece of paint immediately flew off on one leg! Photo:

Metal Stone Interior Table Legs - Poor Quality

Metal Stone Interior table legs - don't buy!

On the phone – Andrew clarifies whether the legs are scratched? Although he had scratches in the car. To which we say that everything is OK, except for one – where the paint flew off when trying it on!

As a result, we agree that for this chip we pay 100 UAH. What would you understand, 4 legs cost us 1000 UAH.

Total return will be 900 UAH.

OK. We agree on Thursday that on Friday, we will arrive at 20-00 and return the legs.

What happens next is hard for me to know at all.

We arrived on Friday, we call Andrew – and he throws off and TURNS OFF THE PHONE!

For an hour we tried to get through to him! The phone is turned off.

That's basically the end of the story. How you can do that, I don't understand!

Therefore, I do not recommend contacting Metal Stone Interior, and in particular with Andrey Parkhomenko (if this is of course his real name). Because the quality of the products is not very good (as it is so that a piece of paint flies off when you just put the table) and then it is impossible to return! Well, the fact that you can agree on something, and the person stupidly turns off the phone and that's it, i.e. your time can be wasted.

Metal Stone Interior Contacts


+38 098 538-97-97

+38 067 738-97-97

Kyiv, Melnikova str., 89a

Mail: [email protected]



And here is actually a photo of Andrei Parkhomenko, who is not responsible for the words

Metal Stone Interior table legs - don't buy!

Metal Stone Interior table legs - don't buy!