Star Burger – burger restaurant in Kiev, Review of the visit, prices, menu

Star Burger is an establishment that opened in 2014 in the Silver Breeze shopping center. The concept and highlight of the restaurant is American fast food, the main dishes are burgers.

Star Burger Restaurant Information

As mentioned above, this restaurant in the style of an American diner was opened in 2014. The menu at Star Burger is small, the main course is grilled burgers. Drinks include wine and beer.

What is often asked about Star Burger is the prices and menu. Alas, but on the official website, and this is a group in Facebook and Vkontakte, there is no menu and prices. Of course, you can always call the institution and clarify everything. I visited Star Burger at the end of 2014 and the prices were as follows:

Burgers – price from 50 UAH

Beer – price 26 UAH per 0.5

Salads and other dishes – from 50 UAH

That is, in general, the prices are semi-restaurant. But it's worth noting that burgers are really delicious! They eat with pleasure. In the kit to the burger there is only a burger – that is, potatoes must be ordered separately.

Star Burger - burger restaurant in Kiev, Review of the visit, prices, menu

Beer is brewed in some Ukrainian brewery, it tastes very much nothing.

The interior of the institution is light, bright, green :-).

Toilet – there is a nuance here. It is only in the shopping center, from Starburger you need to walk 50 meters to the toilet. But you can disinfect your hands in the institution itself – on the corner there is a counter with a wheat grinder.

Conclusions on Star Burger

The place was generally nice, the burgers are really tasty, the beer is good, the waiters are friendly, the prices are not super high. So if you want to eat a delicious sandwich – then welcome to Star Burger.

By the way, on the official Facebook group – there are regularly some contests from the institution, where the prizes are burgers :-).

Contact Star Burger

Address: Kyiv, Pavlo Tychyna Avenue, 1, TC Silver Breeze.

Phone: 044 365 2525

Official website: