Solomenskaya brewery is a pub in Kiev. Review of the visit and test menu of beer photo

Solomenskaya brewery is one of the private breweries in Kiev. This institution is located on Solomenskaya Square, in Ostrovsky Park, behind the city Court.

Information about Solomenskaya brewery

Alas, the exact date of the foundation of the brewery could not be found, presumably it was opened in 2010, or so. The project of the brewery is joint with the Donetsk agency under the name "Yuzivska Brovarnya".

In fact, the Solomenskaya brewery is a pub in which they brew their beer, in concept it is somewhat similar to Bir Liv, but unlike the latter, there are more varieties of beer in the Straw Brewery.

Menu and beer

You can choose from one of 6 beers, that is, you can of course order all 6 :-).

The following beer is brewed:

Pilsner (5%);

Wheat (5%);

Amber (5,5%);

Blond Ale (3,5-4%);

Golden Ale (7%);

Stout (7,5%).

I personally recommend ordering a tasting set to try all the beers, and then order the most delicious. For the price, the set does not exceed the cost of standard glasses of beer, i.e. you order 6 glasses of 100 grams of beer.

Snacks for beer are also provided in sufficient volume. From cheap there are crackers (tasty!), and from a specific one – pork ears (tasty!).

On Fridays and Saturdays, live music is played in the brewery.

Review of a visit to Solomenskaya Brewery

We did not find it quickly, because we had to go to the park. That evening it was raining and the second floor was occupied by a banquet, so we settled down on the summer terrace.

I liked the service in the institution, the beer too! The only downside was the Long Island cocktail. It turned out to be nothing at all, it seems that they mixed cheap vodka with cola.

In general, I recommend visiting this place because of the beer. It's not bad brewed there. Prices are also quite adequate, that is, foreign beer in any case will be more expensive, although in Solomenskaya brew at the level, there is ale and stout.

Contacts, address and website of solomenskaya brewery

Address: Kyiv, Solomenskaya Square, 2, Ostrovsky Park.


+38 (044) 248 07 77

+38 (095) 248 07 77

Official website: