How much does it cost to renovate a one-room apartment in Kiev in 2014. All expenses, personal experience

So, this article tells about the personal experience of repairing an odnushka of 40 square meters of a new building. I spend all the expenses more for myself, but perhaps someone will find my calculation useful. And one more point, the repair I get is average, not the cheapest but far from the most expensive.

Object of repair

It so happened that I got a one-room apartment in a new building, though not in Kiev but in Irpen. In general, it is close to Kiev, 7 km, we can say that it is almost Kiev :-).

The apartment on the passport is as much as 40 square meters, although in fact 36, because for some reason I consider the glazed loggia as a living space.

The apartment has a floor screed (everywhere except the bathroom) and plaster of the external walls.

What you need to do is the bathroom – because there is nothing there! No floor screed or wiring or wall screed. That is, in fact, the bathroom is just a brick room 1.5 by 2.5. THAT is, the pipe wiring and all the work will have to be done independently.

There is also a problem with the ceiling, it is also without a screed, so something must also be done with it.

Well, in general, everything is OK, with the walls there will not be so much work, well, and the floor will just have to be bedded.

Start repairs, price and what do we even need to start

Where to start repairs in a new building?

If you have a lot of money, then you:

– hire a designer who for 30 USD per square meter makes you the design of the apartment. In total, for 40 meters you will pay purely for the design from 1200 USD.

– then either the designer himself or you, find a team of builders and they do everything for you. The price of works, usually from 1000 UAH per square meter, well, or the price of work = the price of materials.

This is the easiest and most expensive option. Because you don't have much to do.

Total for the work you will take from 1200 USD to the designer + 4000 USD for the work + from 4000 USD for materials. That's a rough count. But you can somehow start from this amount.

If you don't have much money, then:

– you do everything yourself :-). This option is ideal if you are figuring out how to do what to do, or you have a lot of free time and you are high to learn the basics of construction work.

If you have an average of money, then I:

– Probably the most common option. Mine :-). There is not much money, but there is no desire and time to plaster the walls and pipes. Therefore, you must first:

a) find builders, preferably through friends, so that you are not divorced.

b) evaluate the estimate, i.e. find out how much the work will cost for a particular area of work. The design you naturally think through yourself.

c) purchase the necessary materials.

d) give the builders the keys and time to work, then they will do everything, you only need a little control.

e) wait for the completion of the work.

By the way, what you can do yourself – do it. It is not necessary to order the entire apartment, you can order only those works that you yourself do not want or can not do.

How to start renovating an apartment

Absolutely everyone advises! You need to start with the bathroom, because there is the dirtiest work. Then he makes the ceiling, then the kitchen, then the walls and the floor.

We begin repairs in the bathroom, calculate the costs

Builders, 2 people came to me and estimated the amount of work. The price for the bathroom was announced by the builders at 6000 UAH (600 USD). These are works for pipe routing, plastering, laying tiles and connecting all communications. The price does not include a ceiling!

The neighbor by the way made a bathroom repair for 5000 UAH for work + 10000 for materials.

Feature 1 If the apartment is not on the first floor and the elevator does not work, then for lifting something, you have to pay (well, or raise it yourself), for lifting 32 bags to the 7th floor, I paid 500 UAH.

Feature 2 Delivery from the store also often costs money. But in the Epicenter on Berkovetskaya, the action, delivery to Irpin is free, although they do not always bring what is needed. This is also worth paying attention to, because usually delivery costs from 150 UAH.

Bathroom renovation price 4 square meters, costs

1) Trip to Epicenter for 3200 UAH. (300 USD), purchase of bags of plaster, screed and various trifles.

1-1) Lifting it all to the 7th floor: 500 UAH (50 c.u.)

2) Another trip to the epicenter, 7200 UAH (700 USD), purchase of tiles (total 30 sq.m.), glue for tiles, pipes, beacons, grout and other trifles for the bath.

2-2) Lifting all this with 3 friends – 0 UAH. But it took 2 hours.

3) Purchase of a faucet and shower + bathroom faucet, 2000 UAH (200 USD)

4) Trip to the epicenter with builders, 1200 UAH (100 USD), purchase of adapters, taps for pipes and various trifles with pipes.

5) Trip to the epicenter, 4000 UAH (400 USD) for a bath, a towel dryer, a fan and drywall + various trifles.

6) Order from the online store siphon, toilet and cabinet with washbasin – 3840 UAH. (350 USD)

7) Little things that were missing – tiles, profiles… faucets, 1300 UAH (110 USD)

8) Work, 7000 UAH (600 USD)

Total, the bathroom cost me: 30240 UAH (2600 USD)

And here is the result:

Bathroom, how much does the repair cost

Bathroom, how much does the repair cost

Bathroom, how much does the repair cost

Renovation of the kitchen and hallway

So, the bathroom was dealt with. We carry out kitchen renovation. This is another pretty dirty area – so after the bathroom, it's the kitchen that's best done. In my case, it was decided to lay tiles on the floor of the kitchen and hallway. Kitchen 11 meters, entrance hall 6. On the walls we glue white non-woven wallpaper for painting. The ceiling in the kitchen will be stretched (300 USD approximately stands, ordered after all the work), in the hallway the ceiling will be covered with water emulsion, having previously leveled it.

We buy materials:

1) Purchase of wallpaper, tiles, glue: 7500 UAH. (700 USD)

2) Payment (prepayment) for the work of the floor + wall 2000 UAH (150 c.u.)

3) Payment for floor + walls 1150 UAH (90 USD)

Renovated Room 15.5 square meters

The room is made in parallel, the ceiling is made of drywall, the walls are non-woven wallpaper for painting, the floor is laminate. The walls are pre-leveled, or rather, we level the inner wall, because the developer took care of the external one. It saves a little bit of money.

Nuances on the room

– Think over where the air conditioner will be and in advance bring out an outlet or wire under it. In my case, it is on the outer wall, so you can put it after gluing the wallpaper. The main thing is to bring the power supply 220 to the place of fastening.

– Think about where the door will open and close. In my case, I had to move the switch, because it was right outside the door)).


1) Purchase of drywall + ceiling paint – 1550 UAH, (120 USD)

2) Purchase of laminate, substrate (cheap took) + skirting board – 4100 UAH (350 USD)

3) Prepayment for builders – 1000 UAH (80 USD)

4) Additional purchase of paint and other trifles – 900 UAH (75 USD)

5) Paid the builders another 2000 UAH (150 USD)

6) Payment for work 3000 UAH.

Balcony renovation

It was decided to make a balcony right away. There's a lot of dirty work there, too. To insulate the external walls of the balcony, we use a sterodur, which we then cover with plaster for painting. On the floor we also sterodur + floor screed + then tile, so we will raise it by 8-10 cm. On the balcony we conduct electricity under the heated floor + sockets.

1) Purchase of plaster, tiles, screeds, sterodur, underfloor heating – 6000 UAH (500 USD)

2) Payment to builders 2000 UAH – deposit.

3) 1500 UAH materials, it is a different paint + wooden window sill.

4) Final payment 1000 UAH

Hotel nuances for repair

Choice of electric underfloor heating

Features of the choice of underfloor heating.

First, decide how many meters of heat do you need? At least for the room you need 50% of the heat, i.e. if the balcony is 4 meters, then the underfloor heating should be taken from 2-3 meters.

Secondly, decide whether you will put a mesh or a cable? The mesh is you on the screed, spread out the already finished thin convoluted cable of the heated floor. That is, it can be mounted directly under the tile, the disadvantages are the high price. Cable-wire – you yourself lay the wire in the screed, so you need at least 3 centimeters of screed over the wire, and then only tiles can be laid, such a floor is 50% cheaper than a mesh.

In terms of efficiency, the consultant said that it will heat about the same, but it seems to me that the mesh is better, because the heating cable directly under the tile will be and not under the screed.

Third, choose a regulator. Everyone advises to take a programmable one, so you can set when to start heating and when to turn it off, i.e. for example, that during the day it would be warm, and at night to save money turn off this entire system.

The price of underfloor heating. In fact, option 2, cheap or expensive))). Cheap underfloor heating for 3 square meters costs: 500 UAH (40 USD) cable + ordinary regulator for 500 UAH (40 USD). Expensive underfloor heating costs for 3 sq.m.: 1500 UAH cable (120 USD) + 1500 UAH regulator (120 USD).

If you choose a grid instead of a cable, just multiply the price by 2. The regulators for the grid are the same.

Total, Summing up, the total cost of repairing a one-room apartment

Materials: 44790

For the job: 19150

Total: 63940 hrn. (5000 c.u.)

Plans for what else to buy:

– Doors chosen by: Doors Papa Carlo Millennium ML-14c

– Wardrobe in the room

– Sofa

– Table

– Kitchen (hood, sink, faucet)

– Refrigerator

– Washing machine