Barbecue in autumn, what you need to take with you

Going to barbecues in the summer is cool, so why can't you do it in the fall?

Recently I visited barbecues in the cold period of the year and I can tell you what you should definitely take with you.

Kebabs in the cold season

The beauty of the autumn barbecue is that there are no people nearby and there are no problems with choosing a place too. In addition, the fire is much more important than in the summer. In summer, it is pleasant to look at the fire, in the autumn they also warm up by the fire :-).

In order to go to barbecues in the autumn you need:

– Meat

– Skewers

– firewood, coals

– steaming

– good mood

Basically everything :-). Keep in mind that it will be cold, so it is advisable to dress very warmly. Then we do the same as in the summer. Make a fire, fry a kebab. It is better not to stay at night, but to sit in the evening by the fire will be very romantic. You can feel like a caveman who eats fried meat and basks by the fire.