Seven years of The Caravan Shopping Center

On October 30, 2010, karvan shopping center in Kiev, celebrated its seventh anniversary. Of course, this is not a significant event at all, but on this day, a free concert program was held in the shopping center.

Caravan Shopping Center is 7 years old!

Saturday, there were a lot of people in the Caravan! Throughout the mall, there were statues of motionless people who sometimes frightened yawning visitors. Caravan shops arranged additional discounts.

The main entertainment was near the rink. There was a stage where the presenter entertained the guests. There were contests with gifts. Well-known and not very well-known groups and dance groups performed. At 20-00 the band Scriabin performed.

It can be concluded that going to all sorts of free shopping mall celebrations is very positive. After all, you can listen to the performers for free and have a good time.

Of the minuses, you can note a lot of people and not perfect sound. Since shopping malls are not concert halls. Therefore, the sound there is very lame.

At the end, a video from the celebration of the seventh anniversary of the Shopping Center Caravan: