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There are a lot of companies for the installation of ceilings, but for some reason we decided to choose this one for the test. Just liked the site and the prices. Initially, I called and said the dimensions of the room, 11 square meters, 4 corners, 1 pipe, 3 mounts for hanging lamps. Total price came out to 2900 UAH. This is taking into account the installation of 3 lamps and wiring. What I additionally bought was a wire for wiring on 3 chandeliers.

Next, the measurer arrived. I measured the room with a laser meter, took an advance payment of 30%. A day later, the installers came to put the ceiling. With them they brought everything they needed, a change of shoes, stepladders, an extension cord and equipment. That is, some come without a change of shoes and without extension cords – this is sometimes annoying, because disposable slippers cost 15 UAH well, and it is also not expensive to buy a carrier.

Installation took about 3-4 hours. I was satisfied with the installation of the ceiling, everything is beautiful and clear. That's just who the manufacturer of the canvas I do not know, maybe it is China, because I do not really understand how to check it. The ceiling is still only 3 months, i.e. it will be possible to say how good or bad everything is in 5 years :-).

But I was satisfied with the approach to work, everything went clearly and smoothly. Store Contacts

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