Safe Riding ( is the first professional motorcycle school in Kiev on Petrivka. Testimonials, website

Safe Riding ( is a motorcycle school in the city of Kiev, which is geographically located on Petrivka, near the Blockbuster shopping center.

Safe Riding Motorcycle Information (

As written on the website of the company Safe Riding, the motorcycle school was founded in 2009. So far, this is the only motorcycle school in Kiev, which is recognized by insurance companies. The school produces its own branded textbooks. In addition, Safe Riding has an additional course on motorcycle driving safety.

In general, the advantages of the Safe Riding motorcycle school are very many. This is really a professional motorcycle school and there they qualitatively teach the wisdom of riding a motorcycle.

Feedback on the trial lesson in the safe riding school

I was able to attend a trial session at the Safe Riding Motorcycle School, here's actually a small report on this. I bought the class through a discount, through the system of collective purchases. As a result, I paid 90 UAH instead of 300. In this class, I learned to ride a motorcycle for an hour.

The area for classes at Safe Riding is located in the parking lot near the Blockbuster shopping center, it is not far from the Petrovka metro station. Students study on Yamaha ybr 125 motorcycles. This is a 125 cc light motorcycle that is perfect for learning to drive.

To begin with, the instructor explained to me the basic control levers of the motorcycle, the dashboard, the purpose of the buttons and levers. He showed me how to properly sit down and get up from the motorcycle. Then I started driving. I skated all the time in first gear, but for the first time it is enough with my head.

I liked the way they explain it, very clearly and understandably. By the way I forgot to mention, I was given a helmet and gloves for safety :-). If it wasn't for the price, I would have gone to this motorcycle school! Of course, you can say that you can learn to ride a hoe yourself – yes, you can, but it is safe to drive and know all the subtleties will help you learn in a motorcycle school!

Pros of Safe Riding Motorcycle School

– Quality training

– Normal motorcycles

Cons of Safe Riding Motorcycle School

– Price. The course of classes for 2012 cost 4000 UAH! It's very not cheap.

Contacts, website of Safe Riding motorcycle school:

Address: Kiev, Moskovsky avenue 34-v (parking of SEC Blockbuster)

phone: +38 (044) 362-00-83

Official website of Safe Riding Motorcycle School: