Russian bath on Malaya Zhytomyrska 3A in Kiev. Reviews, prices

Russian bath on malaya Zhitomirskaya street 3A – description, review price.

Here I visited another Russian bathhouse, which is located in Kiev on the Maidan, on Malaya Zhytomyrska Street 3A. So, what can be said about it.

Firstly, it is a Russian bath, with a cold pool, a rest room, two showers and a massage room. It is located in the center of Kiev, on the Independence Square. That is, it is easy to get there. Sauna with electric heat! That is, there is no roughness that needs to be heated with wood, everything works from electricity. But nevertheless it is a Russian bath, then you can pour water on the stones! And in large quantities. The bathhouse on Malaya Zhytomyrskaya street belongs to the same owner as the bathhouse on Petropavlovskaya 52.

Feedback on visiting the Russian bath on Malaya Zhytomyrskaya 3A:

The bath is very easy to find, it is in the center. Next to the bathhouse, grandmothers usually sell brooms and herbs. In addition, there is a sign: "Russian baths". To begin with, the bath of course must be ordered by phone. Then come at the time you booked and call the administrator of the bath that you are standing at the entrance. Because there the guard does not let anyone on the left :-). Next, the administrator will take you to the sauna :-).

The sauna has a large lounge with soft armchairs, it will calmly accommodate about 10 people. In the bath there is a large steam room, which freely fits 4 people, but you can do more :-). There is also a swimming pool and two shower cabins. Steam room with electric GOOD shadow. Water can be poured, and in large quantities! The heat of the bath gives a lot! I was surprised that the electric heater could soar. By the way, you can set any temperature, that is, if you like a colder bath – no problem.

The common room has a refrigerator and a kettle. Therefore, you will not have problems with cold beer. You can freely bring your drinks with you.

In short, I liked the bath. Feel free to go there to steam. It is advisable to take towels, sheets and flip-flops with you, so that you do not have to buy all this in the bath. It is better to buy a broom on the spot, its price will be slightly higher than on the market.

The price of the sauna is different, before lunch in the spring of 2011 it was 100 hryvnia per hour, and in the afternoon 150 UAH. However, there is a limit to the number of people. If there are more than 6 people, then you will need to pay extra. It is better to clarify this point by phone.

Address and contacts of the bath on the Maidan:

Kyiv, Malaya Zhytomyrska str., 3-A, go to the metro station Maidan Nezalezhnosti, and there walk 7 minutes to the bath.

Official website of the bathhouse:

Phone for order: (044) 232 81 17; (063) 175 21 61

There are no photos at the bathhouse yet, when I was there I did not take a photo, and the photos have not yet been posted on the site. But the bath is good :-).