Russian bath ( in Obukhov at the priest. Reviews

Russian bath ( in Obukhov near Kiev – a bath on the shore of the lake.

Not so long ago I visited a new Russian bath, although it is not in Kiev, but in Obukhov. It is not so far from Kiev, from the metro station Vydubychi to go 30 minutes.

The photos on their website show a beautiful log cabin, next to which there is a lot of snow. Without snow, the bath does not look the best.

If you go to their official website, you can see that there are 2 baths, small and large. So, I was in a small one and I want to say that it is better not to go to the small one. Unfortunately, after communicating with the owner and looking at the service, I had no desire to go to a large bathhouse. Although it was interesting to read reviews about the big Russian bath.

So, a review of the small Russian bath in Obukhov

Owns the baths some bearded colorful uncle, it is quite possible that the former or current pop :-). Small sauna is a small house with a steam room and a rest room, which is located not far from the lake. In the lake you can plunge, there are steps. True, the depth there is only chest deep.

The sauna is designed for 4 people – I would say that this is the maximum, since the total area of the bath is 12 square meters, no more. The door to the break room closes very badly! It can even be opened wide by the wind, which is not very pleasant. The steam room in the bath is good, it is a Russian bath, so you can pour water on the stones. After steaming, you can take a dip in the lake. Which is cool. Included with the small bath, a large kettle with lime tea is given + sheets are given. That's where the pros end.

I was surprised by the lack of a shower. In addition, there is no toilet nearby, it is 50 meters to go to it and this is all along the street. In the winter, it's not very high I think.

Brooms that are sold for 25 hryvnias are disposable, that is, you can steam one or two people with them, then the broom crumbles.

The owner does not explain much about what and how. For example, with the passage. To Obukhov there is a 311 minibus, to the final stop "Bus Station", and back, in order to go to Kiev in the evening, you need to get to the station "School", and then from it you get on 311. Since in the evening 311 do not reach the "Bus Station".

I didn't like this bath! This is the worst bathhouse I've ever been! The steam room in it is good and it makes sense to come here only in the snowy winter, as you can jump into the snow and only without girls!

Cons of a small bath in Obukhov:

– no shower

– no swimming pool

– cold and ventilated relaxation room

– little space

– poor service

Advantages of a small bath in Obukhov:

– Tea included

– included sheets

– in winter you can jump into the snow

Contacts of the Russian bath in Obukhov:

Official website:

Address: Obukhov, Pushkin street, 13

phone: +38 097 449-22-21

How to get there: Go 311 by minibus from the metro station Vydubychi to the final stop "Bus Station". Then walk along the right side of the lake. The sauna is visible from afar.