Ore Beard is a pub in Kiev with inexpensive Ukrainian beer in Poznyaky. Review

Ora Beard is a small pub in Kiev, located not so far from the Poznyaky metro station, on Dragomanov Street 17.

Information about the pub Ruda Boroda

The name is "Ore Beard" and not "red beard". This bar opened in 2012. It is small, the interior is pleasant, it is easy to drink beer there after work.

The menu in Rudy Beard is also small. The main emphasis is on meat snacks. Of the inexpensive to beer, there are traditional crackers and pork ears. By the way, both of them cook quite tasty.

Beer in Ruda Boroda is also not expensive, mainly of Ukrainian production. There is a signature beer. The price is about the same as in Kuhol and other inexpensive pubs, i.e. not super cheap but also not expensive.

ore beard pub kiev

Review of a visit to Ore Beard

I ran in with a friend for an hour of beer. Given that it would be a weekday, there were not many people. They served us well, dark branded beer + croutons and pig ears liked.

Total: you can safely go to skip a glass after work. Prices are not high.

Contacts and address of the pub Ruda Boroda

Poznyaki metro station, Dragomanov str., 17

phone for information: (044) 572-50-50

Official website: