ProBiker ( is a motorcycle school in Kiev. Feedback on the trial lesson

ProBiker ( is a fairly cheap motorcycle school in Kiev.

ProBiker Motorcycle School Information

This motorcycle school is new and small and most importantly inexpensive! If in other motorcycle schools the price of training on average costs 4000 hryvnia, then in Probiker the price starts from 2200. For this money, you get all the necessary knowledge and a package of documents for the subsequent passing of the exam for obtaining category A in the MREO.

Training takes place on the following motorcycles:

yamaha ybr 125 is a very good model for learning, almost all schools are used.

skymoto dragon 200 – cheap and popular motard model

Kawasaki Ninja 636 – sports bike

That is, in theory, having traveled on three motorcycles, you can then decide what you need.

Moreover, as it is written on the site, during training there are trips to the city, i.e. you are trained in real urban conditions, when the instructor sits behind and tells you what to do.

Feedback on the trial lesson in the probiker motorcycle school (

We decided to test the school in a trial lesson. By the way, it costs 200 hryvnia. In general, the price is low, usually a trial lesson costs about 300 hryvnia.

The motorcycle school has 2 sites, one on Trukhanov Island (Park of Friendship of Peoples), the second near the Poznyaki metro station.

Trial classes are held in the park, but half an hour before the start of the lesson, we received a call saying that the lesson would be held on Petrovka near Auchan. The site didn't look very good to say the least:

ProBiker ( is a motorcycle school in Kiev. Feedback on the trial lesson

ProBiker ( is a motorcycle school in Kiev. Feedback on the trial lesson

From the equipment, they give out knees, gloves, a helmet.

Well, then essentially the occupation itself. It was also not very good, in two other motorcycle schools: 1, 2 somehow more told how to change gears, how to brake. In Safe Riding, I even included the second gear :-). And so in most motorcycle schools in a trial lesson, you ride only on the first one and learn to touch.

In Probiker, the girl just skated around the playground in a circle. In general, for informativeness, Probiker is still losing to the other two motorcycle schools. The correct name for the trial lesson: a motorcycle for hire for an hour :-).

ProBiker ( is a motorcycle school in Kiev. Feedback on the trial lesson

After riding the moths for an hour, we headed home.

I do not want to draw any conclusions on the school, in general, I would like to wish the motorcycle school to explain more. After all, when you first sit on a motorcycle, you do not understand at all why you need a clutch, gas and brake. It is better to pay more attention to these main theoretical points in a trial lesson. Well, moving the place of the lesson half an hour before the lesson is also not very good (although I understand that everyone has a force majeure).

ProBiker Motorcycle Contacts(

Address: Kiev, Moskovsky district, 17

Phone: +38 093 180-15-91

Official website: