About election fraud

As I have written before, it is very difficult to falsify election results under the current legislation, when there are no absentee ballots.

Judge for yourself, in the second round of elections from each candidate there were 8 members of the commission. In small areas, there were probably fewer of them, but in any case it is half. That is, in this way, in fact, the people of each candidate control the course of voting and counting and each candidate himself recruits people. And then there are the observers, also from each candidate, who are also watching everything.

You can influence the course of voting in prisons, armies, hospitals for the mentally ill. With prisons, everything is simple, there as the chief said so it will be, and then such pressure will suit the zeks that it will not seem enough, so they vote as they say. This also applies to the army, but not so much, probably depends on the location of the training, and then you can raise a scandal that they say, they are forced to vote for that. Well, about hospitals… all doctors decide there, because mentally ill patients can be indoctrinated with anything, there are all the means for this.

As for the expression of will for other people, they can only be bribed, but at the same time you cannot go into the booth with a person to check and outsiders cannot be at the polling station. I remember in the election measure said that many on the camera of a mobile phone filmed where the tick is put…. I don't understand people, is there a willingness to sell your vote? Well, it's one thing when you already support the candidate, and when you are also paid for it, it is very pleasant. But when you hate it, it is not difficult after you took a picture on the camera, where you ticked another 2.3 ticks, so that the ballot is not valid and thus you will not sell your vote! After all, everything is so simple, you need to turn on the brain sometimes.

Election Day

It's pretty problematic to sneer on election day when so many people are. Although here's exactly what it was:

– One member of the commission instead of one ballot tore off the voter: 10. The mind can't comprehend how so? Obviously, a member of the commission was bribed and he gave 10 ballots to the right person. Then, accordingly, 9 more ballots will be found in the ballot boxes than voted at the polling station, although here the problem will be to throw them into the ballot boxes, which are constantly monitored by observers and members of the commission. It's recorded in the protocol and that's it.

– 500 ballots were stolen from one polling station, I don't know how it was possible to stick it through, but the fact remains. Why does anyone need them? They can be thrown only on the same site where they were stolen, since there is a seal of the site and a stamped plot number. That is, it is impossible to steal here and throw it there, it will be noticeable.

Watch in both

If the candidate is an intelligent member of the commission, then it is almost impossible to sneeze, because everyone is watching everyone. All this can be filmed on camera, and who wants to get a sentence for a fly? I think no one. Therefore, if a candidate has recruited sensible observers and members of the commission, then he has almost nothing to fear, but unfortunately often people are taken on a whim and they are not smart and smart, many do not even know the law on voting and grind all sorts of nonsense.

99% of the results in the second round of elections were known at 11 p.m. It was then that most of the plots in Kiev were counted, there are fewer people in the villages, so the result was known there even earlier. Accordingly, each candidate knew at 00-00 who the winner was. And all this demonstrative calculation of the CEC is not particularly needed. Therefore, it is difficult to falsify the result in the CEC or in the territorial district committee, because everything has already been calculated.