Poker ring. Here you can play sports poker

Poker, poker, poker.

After all, many people are fond of this game? I'm talking about the so-called sports poker, that is, where people play with each other and not against casinos!

Many even watch championships on TV, where players win millions of fortunes and all thanks to the ability to play poker, bluff, read the faces of other players.

Today I visited such a Kiev casino as Poker Ring. It is located in the building of the former King. After officially all casinos in Ukraine were closed, computer clubs came to their place, where people play in the same way, but not behind the machine, but behind the monitor screen. And also there were many clubs for sports poker.

This is a large building where there are many gaming computers. Gaming in the sense of playing for money. But there are also quite a few poker tables. And what surprised me the most were the tables with roulette and Russian poker! How so? After all, officially gambling is prohibited and if Russian poker and roulette is not a game of chance… then I'm a hippopotamus :-).

But I was more interested in sports poker, there are enough tables there to have a good time. There are tables with blinds of 1 and 2 hryvnias, and there are with 5 and 10 hryvnias. Therefore, everyone will find a table for their wallet.

How does the casino live by arranging championships in sports poker?

If players play against each other, then it would seem, what is the benefit of the casino?

The answer is simple, as a percentage for the service. That is, from each winning, the winner pays a small percentage for service. This can be from one to 5% per bank. In fact, it's quite a bit.

If anyone wants to go to play sports poker in the casino, then you need to take your passport with you or at least know its number. Since you are there entered into the database and given a plastic card, with which you buy chips. Next, you choose the table where to play and actually play. Championships are often held in casinos.

The atmosphere is like in a standard casino. I did not notice any special shortcomings, so you can safely go there.

Address of Poker Ring in Obolon:

Heroiv Dnipro St., 3A. Former Casino King.

Address of Poker Ring (Poker Ring) on Kharkivska:

Trostyanetskaya str., 4/2, phone: +38 067 186-74-74

Official website of the club: