Beaches of Kiev, where you can swim and sunbathe

Today I want to write about the beaches of the city of Kiev. Unfortunately, most beaches are not actually designed for swimming. Basically, these are found on polluted lakes and there you can only sunbathe. But in the heat, you won't be satisfied with one tan, will you?

Therefore, you will have to go somewhere in order to swim.

Basically, in Kiev you can swim on the Dnieper and Desenka rivers, but there are also a couple of lakes where you can still swim, although every year the situation worsens.

In fact, it makes no sense to describe the Dnieper and Desenka rivers, since you can swim, relax, sunbathe on them almost anywhere. But still, I will describe a few beaches where mostly people gather.

Beaches of the Dnieper in Kiev


Near the metro station Minska there is an excellent beach. From the metro go about 10 minutes, there you can rent a boat and not bad sunbathe, swim. Water is different, when there are a lot of people, it is understandably not clean, but still a lot of people rest there.

2) m.Hydropark

Near the metro station Hydropark. These are some of the most popular places for water holidays in Kiev. There is a boat rental station, beer, kvass, shawarma and a bunch of cafes. There are also a lot of beaches there, there is a bridge from which you can jump, if you are not afraid. Of the minuses can be noted a large number of people.

3) m.Poshtova Square

Not far from the Postal Square metro station, just behind the Pedestrian Bridge. Along the entire coast there is a beach area. The water is quite clean as there is a strong current. In this place you can just have a great swim. There are cafes and paid beaches. There are usually not as many people as on the previous two beaches.

4) m.Slavutich

Near the slavutych metro station there is also not a large beach area. The water there is quite clean and the residents of the Kharkiv district are closest to get there.

5) Petrovka metro station, Park of Friendship of Peoples

In addition to the fact that this is a large island – Trukhanov, there is also a rather good beach that stretches along the Dnieper. In addition, on the same island there is an outlet of the River Desenka, where you can swim and sunbathe perfectly. True, the beach area is not quite large but there is no civilization nearby and there are few people.

6) Uproot

The beach, which is located everywhere from Kiev, I would even say actually outside of Kiev. You need to go there from the Vydubychi metro station by minibus, and the beach itself is located in the Dnieper Bay along the street: Naberezhno-Korchevatskaya. A lot of people rest there, which is why the water is not the cleanest. There are shops with beer.

Beaches of the Desenka River in Kiev

1) Park of Friendship of Peoples

There, if you cross the bridge there are banks of the Desenka, where you can swim. In addition, there is a bungee. In a word, you can have a good rest in nature there. There are no shops nearby, so everything is with you.

2) Beach from Troyeshchyna

Just behind the Moscow Bridge, if you go to Troyeshchina (Left Bank), you can go to the beach, which is located along the Desenka River. In principle, it is not particularly remarkable, and the water is there according to the mood. However, it is the closest to the residents of Troyeshchyna. There are stalls and sand. So there you can not badly swim and sunbathe.

Lakes in Kiev

1) Bortnychi

The cleanest lake where I have ever sailed in Kiev. The beach there is sandy, sunbathing and swimming are just super. The water is cleaner than in the Dnieper! You can get there by minibus from the Kharkivska metro station, which goes to Bortnychi. Where to go out will tell people, or you will see the lake on the right side.

2) Minister

A fairly clean lake (once it was), which is located on the outskirts of Kiev in the direction of Vyshgorod. You can walk there from the Metro Heroiv Dnipro, although it takes 40 minutes to go. But there is also a minibus.

3) Palm (aka DSLR)

The lake is not the cleanest, but there are always a lot of people swimming. Located on Obolon, 15 minutes walk from the metro station Petrovka in the direction of the Moscow Bridge. There is a boat station where you can rent a boat.

Now autumn is approaching, you don't really swim anymore. So I recommend that you stock up on heat for the winter, which will help keep infrared heaters in the apartment.