Beer Duma is a chain of beer restaurants in Kiev. Review of the visit, menu and prices

Beer Duma is a chain of beer pubs in Kiev. Well, in general, the Beer Duma is a brewery, that is, the pub menu has only its own beer.

Information about pubs-breweries Beer House

The brewery opened in Kiev on Poznyaky, around 2008. Now in Kiev there are as many as 4 restaurants Beer Duma. This network belongs to businessmen Dmitry Zakhodyakin and Ruslan Shibaev. In addition to the Beer Duma, they also own restaurants: "BEEF meat & wine" and "7 Fridays".

Beer in the Beer Duma

They brew their own beer. In total, there are 4 types of beer: light, unfiltered, dark and seasonal (changes every 3 months). The price of beer is about the same as in other pubs-breweries like Bir Liv and Solomenskaya brewery.

There is a tasting set, 100 grams of each of the 4 types of beer. Therefore, it is better to first taste everything, and then order the beer you like.

Food and snacks in the Beer Duma, menu

Although it is a restaurant, but the menu is small, fits on two sheets. Basically, these are snacks for beer: sausages, cabbage, crackers, knuckle, cuts. But there are also first and second courses. Overall, the food selection is good.

Prices are average, the same as other establishments of this class. However, on the official website there is a menu – where you can see the latest information that costs how much.


This is a TV for watching football matches and in some establishments table football.


In the Beer Duma, promotions are regularly held, among which we can highlight: a gift of 3 liters of beer on the birthday, tossing a coin at lunch (if an eagle, then a glass of beer for free).

Conclusions on Pubs Beer House

Here you can have a good time. The service is good, the interior too. A little savings can help different promotions and special offers. The food is delicious, the beer is not bad. Therefore, I can safely recommend going here at least once.

By the way, the owners plan to open Beer Dumas throughout Ukraine and by 2018, there should be as many as 40 Beer Dumas (Now there are only 4 restaurants).

Promotional video about how to brew beer in the Duma: And here is a video from the opening of the Beer Duma in 2011:

Contacts and Addresses of the Beer Duma

Addresses of establishments:

Kyiv, Spasskaya, 5, phone 044 383 78 87

Kyiv, Dragomanova, 31g, 044 575 94 94

Kyiv, Dmitrievskaya, 2, 044 486 17 70

Kyiv, Lavruhina, 4, 044 384 01 38

Official website: