Patrick pub in Kiev on Arsenalnaya, review of the visit, menu and prices

Patrick Pub – a small beer pub with its beer in Kiev, is not far from the Arsenalna metro station.

Information about Pub Patrick

Patrick pub on arsenalnaya, was opened a long time ago, alas the exact date could not be found. The pub is Irish, although the beer is brewed there and there is nothing particularly Irish in this institution.

In Ukraine, there are several more pubs with the same name, one is located in Ternopil, and the second in Brovary. The one in Brovary is related to the Kiev Patrick pub, because on the business card of the institution there are 2 addresses. Therefore, Patrick's pub in Brovary should be similar to the Kiev pub.

Beer in Patrick Pub

The choice of beer is not great. In 2014, the menu had 3 varieties of beer, which are brewed in Kiev, but not in the institution itself. So, this beer is light, dark and wheat. The price of beer is average in Kiev, slightly higher than in such breweries as Solomenskaya and Birliv.

Snacks in Patrick Pub

Snacks are expensive and portions are small. But nevertheless, there are cheap dishes. For example, crackers cost only 5 UAH! This is the cheapest price in Kiev. And yet, if you order a portion of pork ears, then crackers also come to it in the kit and the portion is very small. So in general, there are enough dishes for beer.

Review of Patrick Pub

We walked around the center and looked for an institution where you can have a snack and drink beer. By interior and atmosphere, Patrick Pub looks expensive. And there were no people, it created a coffin atmosphere. When we brought the menu, it did not please us, the portions are small and expensive.

We tried all three types of beer that we had: light, dark and wheat. To taste, the beer is normal, but not so much ah and oh. I mean, just good taste.

From appetizers, we ordered dumplings – since there was a promotion, beer was given as a gift to them. And then we ordered pig ears. I liked them very much.

The conclusion about the institution can be made in such a way that somehow it did not catch it. It seems that the beer is not bad, and there is a choice of snacks and the interior is normal, but still something is wrong.

Maybe the institution in Brovary is different, it will be necessary to go somehow.

Contact Patrick Pub

Address: Kyiv, Yanvarskogo Vosstaniya str., 26

Phone: +380 (44) 254-35-15

Working hours: from 11:00 to 23:00

Official website: no, but there is a VKontakte group on Patrick Pub in Brovary: