Park of Partisan Glory in Kiev. Video, photo

Park of Partisan Glory, which is located on the Kharkiv massif in the city of Kiev, is very pretty. There you can take a great walk with children, go to barbecues and just relax.

In the park of guerrilla glory, there are three small lakes in which even fishing and swimming. If you move further away, from the official part of the park where the attractions are, towards the forest, you can sit by the fire and fry kebabs.

And there is enough entertainment in the Park. Not so long ago, a rope adventure park was built there. Where you can climb trees, down and up rope ladders. In a word, to feel like a robin hood living in the woods. The adventure park is called Seiklar. The price there is of course quite high, but there is not much alternative to it.

The official website of the adventure park, where you can find out prices and details:

Below is a video of the park of partisan glory, shot in the autumn of 2010 in Kiev. The day was sunny, so there were a lot of people in the park.

Park of Partisan Glory, address how to get there:

The park is located between the streets Slavgorodskaya, Trostyanetska, Yolochnaya. The closest to the park is to go from the boryspilska or krasny Khutor metro station. But you can also drive up by tram, to Tashkent Street.