Ward number 6 – pub in Kiev on Vorovskogo, website, address, reviews, review

Ward number 6 is an extraordinary bar in the center of Kiev. It is located in the courtyard on Vorovskogo Street, 31-A.

Information about the bar Chamber number 6

This institution is really not ordinary, even foreigners are taken here :-). So let's start with the location. Ward Number 6 is located in the courtyard and there are no signs of the bar. But usually there are always people around who go out to smoke.

Go inside. In principle, everything looks like an ordinary pub, tables, chairs, waitresses attract attention – dressed in stockings and dressing gowns of nurses.

Menu and drinks in Ward No6

There is beer, from Chernihiv to Hugarden, although there are not many varieties in general. From appetizers and food there are standard plates for beer (cheese, basturma, sujuk), sausages with cabbage, potatoes. In general, you can eat quite normally.

The main feature of the ward, in addition to the medical entourage, are cocktails and dishes of strong drinks. For example, if you order something like tequila, you will be brought it in test tubes :-).

But the best thing is to order a cocktail. One of the cocktails: you put on a straitjacket, put on the table, and from a large syringe pour a cocktail into your mouth.

Here's a video of how this happens:

Another bright cocktail is when you put on a helmet and hit it with a fire extinguisher :-))

Here's the video again:

Therefore, if you come to the Ward – then expect to drink strong alcohol :-).

Speaking of prices. They are not very high, for example, beer can be bought for 10 UAH, and Hugarden in April 2014, cost 28 UAH per glass. It turns out to be even cheaper than in Beer Fish with a card.

Contacts of the institution Chamber No6

Address: Absinthe-Bar "Chamber No6", Kyiv, Vorovskogo str., 31 a

phone: +38 044 486 51 52

Official website: