Beware epicenter delivery! How to return the wrong product

I would like to talk about my personal experience of returning goods to Epicenter. And to clarify the situation – why it is better to pick up the goods yourself or not to order it on the weekend. Although before that, all 3 deliveries were OK.

How delivery from Epicenter works

It's simple, instead of loading the trolley with building materials, you can just take papers with articles that are written to you by the employees of the epicenter. That is, you liked the product – you ask, I want to buy it so much. And the employee writes out an article for you on a sheet with a quantity.

Then at the checkout, the cashier enters the article, you pay for this product and go to the delivery department. Then you coordinate the delivery, pay and in general that's all. On the specified day, everything is brought to you.

You unload the car yourself! Remember that. If you need the help of movers, then you will have to pay extra for this at the checkout. Well, or order movers separately.

Nuances of delivery

Why is it sometimes better to pick up the goods yourself right away?

1) If you take, for example, a tile. Then it must be borne in mind that its color may differ depending on the party. And I brought all the tiles of the same color, and one pack was from another batch and it was a little darker. And now in the bathroom there are 5 tiles of a darker color and this is visible to the naked eye. Therefore, it is better to touch some products and look in detail before buying. Of course, not the necessary tile can then be returned within two weeks, but in my case this time has passed …

2) They can bring the wrong thing! More precisely, they usually bring everything by article. But I had a situation when instead of one color of the baseboard, they brought a completely different one. And instead of fasteners for the sterodur – they brought some kind of hook. On the articles, everything converged. That is, either the seller wrote out the wrong numbers, or the cashier entered the wrong ones at the checkout. But the bottom line is that this product, you must already take from the driver. And then, take it to the store yourself and hand it over with your passport!

The downside is that if you bring the wrong tile, or something dimensional and you do not have a car, then consider it necessary to call a taxi or ask a friend. In my case, a taxi to the epicenter costs 120 hryvnia, and baseboards cost 300. That is, to go back and forth almost at 0 comes out. The epicenter does not compensate for its mistakes. And it is impossible to immediately return the goods to the driver upon delivery.

Therefore, be careful and it is advisable to check the articles that you are prescribed. Especially on a weekend! Since there are a lot of people and the sellers are all turreted can easily make a mistake!

How to return an unsuitable product to The Epicenter

Thank goodness, but there's no particular problem with that. You need to come with a check and passport to epicenter – where you bought the goods and go to the return department. If the goods are not physically damaged, then you just need to return the money.

When returning – necessarily the goods are inspected by the seller from a specific department. Therefore, it is quite difficult to deceive Epicenter when returning.

I returned my unfortunate baseboards without problems. The only thing is the loss of time. Well, it was not convenient to carry them in a minibus. I had to choose a time when there are few people.