Oktoberfest 2010 in Kiev. Photo-video report

So, I think a lot of people know a German festival like Oktoberfest. This is a beer festival, which has been held in Ukraine for some time.

In each city it is celebrated differently, but in general everything is standard. Usually it is a lot of beer, sausages for beer or other snacks and all this to the music or entertainment of the presenters.

In Kiev, oktoberfest is held at the Spartak stadium. There is an entrance fee, but there you are entertained throughout the day by presenters and different groups perform. In 2010, the program of the Oktoberfest festival included the following groups:

Top Orchestra, TIK, cover band "MJ Project", Svarogichi, YouCrane, Saboteurs, Geyser.

At the end of each day, a disco was arranged. True, I had to dance on the grass of the stadium 🙂 under the tent.

Prices in 2010 were as follows:

entrance: Friday and Sunday: 30 UAH

Saturday: 50 UAH, but after 14-00 the price was raised to 80 UAH, due to the fact that there were a lot of people.

Prices for beer at oktoberfest:

Beer was only in liter glasses at this price:

Löwenbräu Oktoberfest – 60 UAH

Paulaner Oktoberfest – 60 UAH

Leffe Blonde – 55 UAH

Leffe Brune – 55 UAH

Stella Artois – 30 UAH

Chernihivskoe Svetloe – 20 UAH

The appetizer for beer was represented mainly by sausages with cabbage and potatoes. The price per serving ranged from 40 to 99 hryvnia.

Pros of the Oktoberfest festival:

– beer

– show program



– Paulaner beer ended on the first day of the festival

– Some types of snacks, like pig's leg also ran out

– Unjustified increase in the price of entry on Saturday (of course I understand that there are a lot of people, but nevertheless)

– On the last day of the festival, a lot of things ended.

Well, in general, the Oktoberfest 2010 was great! Beer lovers should definitely come here at least once!

Below you can watch a video from the festival:


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