Obolonskaya embankment in autumn

Obolonskaya embankment in Kiev, one of the most visited places in Kiev in the summer. Still, because there is a beach, restaurants, beer stalls. Well, from the metro Station Minskayado it is 10 minutes to go :-). However, in the autumn the situation is quite different. There are few people and everything is rather dull, although the Dnieper gives some peace.

History of Obolonskaya Embankment

It began to be built about 10 years ago and by 2010 it was not completed. At first, there were no houses along the embankment and it was a deserted area near the bank of the Dnieper. However, with the development of Kiev and the construction of housing, it was decided to make an expensive residential microdistrict here. Along the houses and stretches the Obolonskaya embankment. Apartments by the way in these houses are very, very expensive! In addition, in the part of the embankment that is closer to the Moscow Bridge, two-storey mansions were built, in which no one still lives. Some of them are now being rebuilt in order to differ from their neighbors, because the cottages look almost the same.

Gradually, residential buildings were built and not far from the Moscow Bridge, so the Obolonskaya Embankment was lengthened. In addition, there is a Golf Club on the waterfront. Few people play in it, probably because of the high price.

What to eat on the waterfront

In the evening in summer, walking along the embankment is very positive. There were still a lot of young people and beautiful girls. Therefore, on the embankment they often get acquainted.

On the opposite metro station Minska there is a pier, from which pleasure boats run in the summer, you can even sail to the postal square on a river tram.

The beach on the promenade in the hot season is teeming with people.

Along the embankment, for beauty, various sculptures were built, it is pleasant to walk past them when the breeze blows from the Dnieper.

Walk along the Obolonskaya embankment in autumn

In autumn, everything changes, there are fewer people, the wind is stronger, but this has its own charm. Below is a video of the Obolonskaya embankment in autumn.