Night Watch from Blockbuster on Petrovka. Reviews about attractions 2011

Not so long ago, the Blockbuster entertainment center launched the Night Watch package. On it you can visit 5 different attractions in Blockbuster. What is the "Night Watch" and is it profitable to buy it?

So, what is the essence of the action. You have the opportunity to buy a certificate for 80 hryvnia, which makes it possible for TWO people to visit the skating rink, roller blinder, cars 1, cars 2, shooting range, to stay on the bull. But all this needs to be done from 21-00 to 00-00. And the package is valid only from Monday to Thursday inclusive.

If we talk about the price, then it is cheap and the certificate is valid for two! Then, in fact, a person gets 40 hryvnias and for these 40 hryvnias a lot of entertainment.

You can buy it on the ground floor at the checkout near the cars and the Bull.

Well, now reviews about each of them:

Ice rink. Here lies the main disadvantage. If you go to the rink then you need to at 21-00! Otherwise, the next session, which begins at 22-00, will be a LOT of people. An unlimited number of people are launched to the rink. Therefore, you will have to ride there in a crowd of people. The pleasures are little shorter. But if you come at 21-00, then you can ride normally. Well, there is nothing much to say about the rink itself, it is quite ordinary.

Star Wars Circuit. In principle, these are ordinary cars, but you have a laser gun and you can shoot at targets on other cars. When hit by a driver and passenger on another car, the hammer on top hits :-). In short, so-so, one-time entertainment.

Fast and Furious Circuit. These are ordinary electric machines. You can drive and crash. In short, great. I liked it the most.

Rollerdrome. There's unlimited skiing. You can buy a ticket in the morning and ride all day :-). But it really gets boring in an hour or two. So we didn't even roller skate on the night watch, but whoever is a fan goes ahead. The coverage is normal, you can ride not bad.

Rodeo on bulls. The goal is to stay on the bull. Quite interesting and most traumatic. For example, I pulled my leg and broke my elbow. The bull is controlled by the administrator, so he spins the girls softer. Overall cool, you can really feel like you're at the rodeo.

Super Shooting Range. Least of all I liked this type of entertainment. You need to shoot plastic bullets at the screen, and on it the ducks fly or just a target. But the weapon is very mowed down. A sight is not needed at all. In short, I didn't like it at all.

Well, that's it. In general, of the minuses of the Night Watch package, a large number of people can be noted. Well, it's understandable – cheap! But to go to experience all these attractions for such a price is definitely WORTH IT!

You can learn more about the Night Watch in Blockbuster on the official website: