National Philharmonic of Ukraine. Jazz by Victor Basyuk

Yesterday I visited the National Philharmonic of Ukraine at a jazz concert. I liked it very much :-). By the way, the concert was postponed from October 13, 2010 to October 18 in connection with the tragedy in Manganese, who does not read the news, there the locomotive at the crossing collided with a bus in which there were many passengers.

National Philharmonic of Ukraine

But let's not talk about the sad. So, the National Philharmonic of Ukraine is a hall that is located in Kiev in the center, on independence Square. What is very positive is the price of tickets there, it is very democratic and starts from 10 hryvnia, while the most expensive ones cost 60 hryvnia, which is also not very expensive.

However, cheap tickets are quickly sold out, so it is advisable to buy tickets in advance, a couple of weeks in advance. In addition, there is a feature with places. Everything that is further than the 13th row goes behind the columns, so everything is not very clearly visible there. On the balcony, if you do not have the first row, then you will not see anything at all, except that you will have to get up and go to the railing. But in principle, it's okay, you need to listen to music there.

You can read the poster of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine on their official website:

Philharmonic address: Kyiv, Volodymyrskyi Uzviz str., 2. Not far away is the Water Museum.

Ticket office phone: +38 044 278-16-97

On the waves of Jazz with Victor Basyuk.

If you are a fan of jazz, then its concerts are definitely worth going to. He performs with his students as a conductor. The concert featured various trumpets, saxophones, drums, piano, bass guitar and harpsichord (or something similar to it). Soloists often appeared on the stage, who, having finished playing their part, received applause from the audience. Two compositions were also performed where the girls sang famous jazz songs.

Overall the concert went very well!