Manual 2010. ETAP 1, preparation and opening of the polling station

Preparation and development of viborchoi dilnytsi

Ready to fix NOT EARLY 7:15

New importance of the viborchoi committee (quorum is not less than 2/3 of the warehouse of viborchoi komisii)

1) Individuals who may have the right to be present at the country without permission to be requested, who are not members of the viborchoi komisii

2) Look around the haircut, yakoi bulo sealed safe {metal shafu)" I de zberigayu viborchi buleteni

3) The head of the DCK is devoted to looking back at the presence of all the people on viborchiy dilnitsa viborchi skrinki

4) Leather viborcha screenshot seal abo sealed with DCK seal

5) The control sheet is lowered into the skin screen.


Head of DCK:

1) safe, safe, public safety net

2) transfer of viborchi bulletins to the participants of the DCK

— pass on the list of vibortsiv to the participants of the DCK

Voting will be held from 8:00 to 20:00 I

DCK vidpovidaje za pidtrimannya u usoshenni na provuvannya naduvaniya

During the viboriv vidkripni posvidchennya do not vicornist!