Kurenevsky Park (former Frunze) in Kiev. Address, photo, video

Kurenevsky Park (or Frunze Park) is a park in Kiev that was built in the 1960s. It is located in the Podilsky district of Kiev and covers an area of about 8 hectares.

Next to the park, there is an entertainment club Freedom (Freedom), so in the evening in the park, from the side of the club can be noisy. But during the day it is a wonderful place to walk with children. The park has playgrounds, alleys, benches, a toilet, a restaurant and many trees. In addition, the park has something like a "children's car town". That is, there is essentially no town, there are just cool pedestrian paths with overpasses and bridges, on which it is pleasant to walk.

Unfortunately, Kurenevsky Park is noisy, as it is located near three roads.

In autumn, the park is very beautiful, alleys with fallen yellow leaves.

Here is a video clip of Kurenevsky Park in autumn 2010:

Address of Kurenevsky Park:

Kyiv, Frunze str., 134. Phone: +38 044 468-30-26

It is located at the intersection of Frunze, E.Teligi and Moskovsky Prospekt.