KS-autodrive ( – driving school in Kiev on Rusanovka. Reviews, opinions

KC-autodrive ( is not a large driving school, which is located on Bereznyaki. The school is not big, I would say that it is more like a family driving school, as everything is cozy in terms of teaching :-).

Information about driving school KS-autodrive

The driving school is not large, it is located at the address Kiev, Davydova Boulevard, 5 (school No. 141) – Rusanovka. Those who live on Bereznyaki, it will be quite convenient to get there. Well, the rest are not very comfortable, but this driving school has its own highlights, which may be worth the inconvenience of location. KC-autodrive is a driving school for those who want to pass to the traffic police themselves, without bribes.

Review of the driving school KS-autodrive

Considering that I studied in two driving schools, I can compare how Signal and KC-Autodrive are taught in the driving school . KC AutoDrive is definitely MUCH better.

The principle of enrollment in a driving school is like everyone else's. Write a statement, pay for the theory and start going to class. You may have to wait a bit for the group to form. In the theory lessons, much attention is paid to practical situations and safety of driving on the road.

As for practice, much depends on the instructor. The site says that the lesson lasts 90 minutes, although as in all schools, there is a 15-minute technical break between classes. But believe me, even 70 minutes behind the wheel is tiring. While studying at KC Autodrive, I had enough! Sometimes the lesson lasted a little less, but then it was compensated for in the next lesson. The features of driving lessons include the presence of "runs" of 40 and 80 kilometers. That is, you will actually go to the highway and go 70-80 km per hour, in order to feel the car at speed. In terms of time, the 80 km run takes 2 classes. for the rest of the classes you will drive to different districts of Kiev, which is very useful, since in the driving school Signal, I drove only on 2 sites.

The main advantage of classes in KC-autodrive is driving on the track of passing traffic police exams. Not all driving schools in Kiev provide such an opportunity, it is quite possible that on purpose, that there would be fewer passers without bribes. So, in KC-autodrive, you will drive at least 2 classes along the exam track and thus, it will be much easier to pass driving in the traffic police. After passing this driving school, I myself passed the exam in the traffic police without bribes. After the Signal, I did not believe that such a thing was even possible! True, I thoroughly prepared for the theory, Taught tickets. You will need to learn the theory, and learn it well, in order to pass it to the traffic police.

It is also good that the driving school is really worried about its students and is interested in their passing. Here I did not meet such a disregard for the attitude as in the Signal.

The disadvantages of the driving school KC-autodrive include the location. Not everyone is comfortable to get to Rusanovka.

I can recommend KC-autodrive to those people who want to pass the exam on their own without bribes. It's quite real!

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