Kiev through the eyes of foreign tourists

"Hometown…That's the street I grew up on…In this church we were married …, Oh, and here opens a wonderful view of Podil" – this is how Kiev looks through the eyes of an ordinary Kievan. "Oh, is this the Andriyivsky Descent on which Galokhvastov ran? And these are the famous founding brothers of Kiev?" – this is Kiev, through the eyes of Russian-speaking tourists. And how does Kiev appear to tourists from the Western world?

Well, in order to give a complete answer to this question, we decided to find out everything from those people who show them Kiev and show them – from the guides. We interviewed an experienced representative of this wonderful profession, who has been leading excursions around Kiev in English for more than one year.

Statue of Christ the Redeemer. The first thing that attracts the eyes of foreign tourists in Kiev when they travel from the airport is the statue of Christ the Redeemer, just like in Rio de Janeiro. But they are immediately explained that the monument "Motherland" was not created with religious intentions. And as it turns out, Westerners are very interested in relics of Soviet times – the above-mentioned "Motherland", the Museum of the Second World War, the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – this is all the first thing that impresses foreign guests in Kiev. Incredible frescoes of Sofia, caves of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra – this is also beautiful, it is appreciated, but Soviet exoticism is what is really so interesting to foreign tourists in Kiev.

Is it the subway?! As you know, such pompous metro stations, as in the Kiev metro, can not be found anywhere. At first, when guests are offered to conduct a small excursion to the Kiev "subway", foreigners turn their noses, but then enthusiastically take pictures. Well, where else, will they see in the subway such majestic and exquisite stations with mosaics, candelabra and other architectural subtleties?

Speaking in general phrases, foreigners describe Kiev as a "city of three eras". Kiev has retained its taste of ancient hail, a little stuck in the Soviet past, but is already entering the modern world at full speed. Well, let's mention the sad – a low standard of living, ignorance of drivers, theft and fraud – all guests also notice this, and are a little wary of the radioactive clouds of Chernobyl.