Kartmania ( – karting in the shopping center Ocean Plaza. Feedback on the visit

Kartmania ( – Karting, which is located in the shopping center Ocean Plaza. The track is located in the parking lot.

About Kartmania Kart Track

This karting was opened in the summer of 2013. It is located in the parking lot P6 and P6+. That is, in fact, this is the floor of the parking lot + the floor of the floor. The total length of the track is 350 meters.

Kart models in Cartmania: – SODI GT5 (6 pieces), it is 6.5 horsepower and 200 cubes engine capacity. In general, everything is standard.

On karting they give out helmets, gloves and even overalls for free.

There is also a café, but in winter, it is cold! Since the karting is located in the parking lot without walls, i.e. in fact there is only a roof, and on the side there is air. Although the cafe is fenced with glass, but still the territory is very cool.

Finding a go-kart in a shopping mall is pretty simple. From the main entrance of Ocean Plaza (where the exit to the subway is), you need to go on the right side. And there will be access to this karting.

Feedback on visiting Kartmania, when it is worth going there

A little bit about the sad. I don't know how it happened, but within a year, the equipment was killed. That is, the helmets are hollowed out (without visors, more than half of the helmets, and where the visor is all in scratches), the gloves are torn, a couple of cards stall if you press the brake. Only overalls are in good condition, because probably few people wear them.

In general, the equipment is tired, which needs to be changed.

Now for the good. In kartmania I recommend going when it's cold and wet! The trick is, then the parking coverage becomes slippery! And when riding on the map, you can drift. That is, it is quite difficult to enter the turn. And this gives you the opportunity to feel very well the maps, the principles of countersteering and skid control.

It is for this (drift) that you need to go to Cartmania. Because when it's dry to ride there is not interesting.

Another feature is that on the second floor the track is very narrow, when it is slippery there in general it is difficult to drive.


Prices are slightly below average. But believe me, it is better to pay extra and go for karting in which the equipment is in the best condition.

Contacts Kartmania

Kyiv, Ocean Plaza shopping center, Gorkogo str., 176

Phone: +38 (044) 228 91 90

Official website: