Café Gazon in Irpen. Nice place for kids and adults, review of the visit

Café Gazon (Gofri ta kava) – a café in Irpen, located in the center, near the railway station.

Information and menu of café Gazon

The café belongs to the company "10 restaurants". Nothing is known about it, but they plan to open 10 thematic institutions in Kiev and the region. As of 2015, two establishments have been opened so far: in Irpen café lawn, and in Pushcha Voditsa café "Leto".

But back to the "Lawn", the institution is focused on family recreation. There is a mini-zoo, turtles, hamsters, a snake. The interior of the institution is very positive. You will be able to evaluate it in the video below.

Lawn Menu

The main feature is waffles (corrugations) and coffee :-). There is, of course, beer with cider. That is, it is comfortable for both children and parents. Prices are average, that is, not mega cheap but also not expensive. The service is good, the waiters are very friendly. The portions are big! That is, ordering one waffle you will be quite fully eaten.

And here is a video review about the Lawn: Inference:

The café is definitely worth a visit, especially with children.

Address, contacts and official website of Café Gazon

Address: Irpin, Tsentralnaya str. 6B, phone: +38 (068) 838-61-61

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