Gogolfest 2010 in Kiev. Studio Dovzhenko

After the opening of Gogolfest, everyone was interested to know what will happen at the festival itself, what program, what exhibits?

This year, Gogolfest was held at the Dovzhenko Film Studio, which opened its gates to visitors. Admission is free, but tickets had to be bought for some events and concerts.

Going into the courtyard of the studio it is quite easy to get lost, since there are quite a few signs, and some of the exhibits of the exhibition are held in the studio and there are not signs everywhere, so you do not know whether you can enter these doors or not :-).

This year, quite a lot of master classes on yoga, drawing and many others are held at the Gogolfest. It is better to read more on the official website of the festival.

My impressions

This year, I was not particularly impressed by the external expositions, except for the monument to Shevchenko with a horse :-), because most of the interesting things happened at the trainings. There were also free concerts and film screenings, among which you could enjoy quite good music and movies. In addition, to visit the studio of Dovzhenko, for some it was also interesting. In general, the festival was friendly and fun and it was definitely worth going to, and preferably during the day, since in the evening it is quite difficult to find the right pavilions, and there are few signs, I would even say that there are practically none.

Official website of the festival: