Gogolfest 2010 in Kiev. Discovery

On Saturday, September 4, 2010 at 21-00 on the Independence Square in Kiev, the opening of the annual Gogolfest festival took place.

Gogolfest is the festival of new art (new art), which takes place annually in Kiev. If you want to know what a gogolfest is, then you need to come to it, as it is quite difficult to describe this event. First of all, this is an exhibition similar to the one that takes place in the Pinchuk Art Center, but only more in Ukrainian, that is, the exhibits are not so expensive and outrageous, but there are more of them :-).

In this 2010, Gogolfest was opened right in the center of Kiev, and this discovery is clearly remembered by everyone. There was a giant robot (similar to the one that starred in Star Wars – CitriPio, this is the one that is golden), which was controlled like a puppeteer crane. Also on the crane were hung people in the ball. And a giant wheel with acrobats inside rolled around the stage. It was a beautiful mass action, which everyone remembered, who was on the Maidan.

From 5 to 12 September inclusive, an exhibition of gogolfest is held at the Dovzhenko studio (not far from the Shulyavskaya metro station). Some of the events are unfortunately paid, but there are enough free ones. So I recommend going and looking at this exhibition. Every evening there are also performances and performances. The program of gogolfest can be viewed on the official website of the festival.

And finally, Hygroboth's video from the opening of the Gogolfest 2010 festival:

As well as a visible, people on the tap in tied to the capsule:

Official website of the festival gogolfest (gogol fest):