Hyperion – sauna in the paintball club of Kiev. Reviews, prices

Hyperion is a sauna located on the territory of the Hyperion paintball club in Kiev.

Not so long ago I visited there, so I tell you what and how.

I will say right away that in Hyperion, this is a sauna, not a bath. The steam there is dry, although you can still pour a little water on the stones. In fact, this is a Finnish sauna.

In advance, as in other baths and saunas, the time must be booked. Then at this time drive up to the paintball club Hyperion. There at the entrance say that you are in the sauna and then you will be led inside.

The Hyperion sauna is large. It will comfortably accommodate 12 people. The steam room accommodates 6 people. In the recreation room there are soft sofas, there is a free hockey (this is when you need to chase with your hands a chip that slides across the field in order to score a goal), 2 showers and a bucket-waterfall. The temperature in the sauna is set to 105 degrees. Ten is naturally electric. The sauna is really hot! In the steam room there are stones, where, if desired, you can pour a little (a handful) of water. If desired, you can even be given aromatic oils. In the rest room there is a kettle, cups must be asked. A hair dryer should also be requested in advance.

In general, I liked the Hyperion sauna, with a broom of course you can not steam there, but it is the most important thing to sit in a large company. And if you've also played paintball before that, it's going to be chic :-).

Pros of the Hyperion sauna:

– Lots of space, there's a really big room. There is a large table and a sofa with ottomans.

– Table air hockey is a bonus.

– Good Finnish steam room, the temperature can be set

– Bucket Waterfall

Cons of the Hyperion sauna:

– No swimming pool. But this is a purely subjective opinion, since the bucket-waterfall is also very much nothing.

– No privacy room :-).

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Price for sauna Hyperion:

At the beginning of 2011, the price for an hour of visiting the sauna was 150 hryvnia on a weekend. On weekdays, the price was 100 hryvnia per hour. But, this is only for 4 people. For each person more than 4, you need to pay extra 20 hryvnia per hour.

Address of The Hyperion Sauna:

Kyiv, Frunze str., 46, 10 minutes walk from Taras Shevchenko metro station

Sauna phone: (050) 717-86-86

Hyperion Club official website: