Where in Kiev to go skiing or snowboarding. Location Overview

If you are a fan of outdoor activities in winter, then you can remember what skiing or snowboarding is in Kiev, and not only in the Carpathians. Of course, the slides in Kiev are small and are suitable only to learn or refresh your memory of skiing skills.

In total, there are 2 ennobled slides with lifts for skiing in Kiev. And one of them is located in Vyshgorod, not quite Kiev, so to speak. I recommend going to 2 to feel the difference.

I also recommend renting skis in Kiev and going by car, as the rental on the spot is hourly and expensive!

Protasov Yar – there is a slide almost in the center of Kiev on Protasov Yar Street, 23-A. It is most convenient to get to it from the Olimpiyska metro station, trolleybus number 40. This slide is more suitable for skiers, as it has rope tows and not all snowboarders know how to use them.

Vyshgora – the hill is located in Vyshgorod at Vatutina Street, 102, it is very inconvenient to get to it by public transport. Because it is necessary to get from the Heroiv Dnipro metro station to Vyshgorod by route 397, and then from Vyshgorod on another minibus, number 1, already to the mountain. The schedule of minibuses can be found on the website of Vyshgora. They go, let's say, not often. A feature of Vyshgora is an escalator-conveyor. That is, it is much easier for snowboarders to climb the mountain. Stand on the tape and drive up. It's easy for skiers too.

Wild places for riding on boards in Kiev – if you have your own set of skis or board, then you can ride on wild slides in a snowy winter. On skis, of course, it is not convenient to ski, due to the fact that you need to climb on your own move :-), and ski boats are very inconvenient in this regard.

So, the first place for skiing, near Vyshgora. Arriving there, you can notice how not far from the mountain people ride in non-ennobled places.

The second place is near the Park of Glory (m.Arsenalnaya). There's a lot of skating there, too.

And the third place is on Lysa Gora, which is located near the Vydubychi metro station.

There are other places, but the slides there are not at all interesting and small. Riding in wild places is beneficial if you have your own set of equipment. Well, of course, it is best to go to Bukovel, there are really big slides and really interesting to ride.