Where to buy cheap vegetables in Kiev?

Today (2010-10) I went to the Troyeshchinsky food market and was a little surprised by the prices, it turns out that fruits and vegetables are cheaper to buy there than in any Auchan or Metro. The only drawback is that it is not convenient for everyone to get there and take the goods preferably in bulk.

Where to buy cheap vegetables and fruits in Kiev?

So, let's go to the Troyeshchyna food market. There are full trucks where you can buy wholesale vegetables and fruits. Of course, this can be done at retail, but then the price will be a little more expensive, and you will not save anything. If you take that box or bag :-).

Now about the prices. I was surprised that the price on the market is lower than in such giant supermarkets as Auchan and Metro. For comparison, onions on the market cost 3.5 UAH, in Metro 5 UAH. Potatoes cost 2.8 UAH, in Auchan – 4 minimum. Apples on the market could be bought for 3 normal, in Auchan for 5 so-so. Pistachios on the market 80 UAH per kilo, in Metro 100 UAH.

As you can see, the difference is quite significant, especially if you take boxes and bags. Therefore, if there is a car, then I recommend going to Troyeshchina.