Express Auto ( is a driving school in Kiev on Leningradskaya Square. Testimonials, personal learning experience

Express-auto ( – driving school in Kiev. Geographically it is located on Leningradskaya Square, and there is also one branch in Bereznyaki (driving school K-autodrive).

Information about the driving school Express-auto

This driving school was founded around 2003. Why approximately? Because on the official website of the driving school it is written that it was created more than 10 years ago :-).

As already written in the description above, this driving school is located on Leningradskaya Square in school no. 176. This means that the classroom is located in the school, as well as in the driving school Ks-Autodrive. By the way, these schools are friends with each other :-). Therefore, the training system is very similar. And about my experience of training in KS-Autodrive, I described here.

That is, these 2 driving schools are at most aimed at ensuring that you pass the exams yourself!

The training lasts as long as other schools. There is a fleet of cars with both a manual transmission and an automatic. Cars of foreign cars. Therefore, you will not have any problems that the transmission does not turn on well.

The tuition fee includes petrol. In addition, you will have to pay for textbooks (80 UAH) and a medical certificate (200 UAH) and the right to pass exams in the Traffic Police (about 200 UAH).

Personal experience of training in the driving school Express-auto

I had a girlfriend go to driving school, we signed up quickly, because a good set goes once a month, but if you need to start practicing in the middle of the month, then you miss the first couple of theory classes. But the teacher, if anything, will tell you everything that happened in previous classes.

In general, next, you learn theory, and in a month you will be enrolled in practice. Given that the fleet of Express Cars and Ks-Autodrive is common, there is a whole queue in order to sign up for Alexander and Victor (KS-Autodrive instructors). Very well these instructors teach in practice, really TEACH! So I recommend signing up for them.

Well, then you will have an internal exam and exams in the traffic police.

Of the nuances, if you study in the cold period, then it will be cold in the driving school class! This is a simple school and if the centralized heating is not turned on, then in the classroom you will need to sit in gloves and a jacket.

Express Car Contact Information

Telephone: (044) 233-84-36

Address: Y.Gagarin Ave., 11

Address Ks-autodrive: Serafimovich str., 17a

Official website of the driving school: