Door Olympus ( – a review of the order of doors in Irpen. Personal experience

Door Olympus ( is a chain of stores that specializes in the sale of interior and entrance doors in Kiev and Irpen.

Information about the company Door Olympus (

As it is written on the official website of the company, it has existed since 2006. In total, there are two stores – there are essentially exhibition samples of doors. One of the stores is located in Kiev, the second in Irpen.

The range of doors is very large, the site presents more than 1000 types of doors from different manufacturers. There are both interior doors and entrance doors. In stores, of course, the assortment is small, because it is not possible to fit everything in one room, and it does not make sense.

Prices for doors in stores are average, i.e. about the same as in other door stores.

Experience ordering doors in the store Door Opipm

We decided to order the doors of the trademark "Papa Carlo", because they seemed to be praised for quality. They suited us better in design. Before calling the Door Olympus, I went to one store, where I was counted the total cost with delivery of about 7600 UAH for 2 doors. In Olympus, on the phone for all the same, they said the amount of 6800. Given that in that company delivery cost almost 300 UAH, I thought that this money would at least be cheaper, because one of the stores of the Door Olympus is located in Irpen.

In general, we agreed that on Saturday we would stop by, choose the fittings and pay an advance payment for the doors. We arrived, everyone chose, we were treated to tea, everything was very polite and friendly. When it was the turn of payment.. oops.. the manager on the phone made a mistake and did not count one door frame. As a result, the price turned out to be 7400. Given that we took the fittings a little cheaper than I thought in the previous company, we can say that the prices are about the same.

As a result, we were promised to make a discount of 100 UAH and give some kind of gift. We believed the manager (who knows how to sell very well, i.e. everything is polite, "only for you", etc.). Paid an advance payment of 70% of the price of doors – 4600 UAH.

Measurement of doors, price increase, replacement of one model with another

We called on the 14th or 15th and agreed that the measurer would come on the 15th evening. It is free if you order the installation of doors. But when measuring, you need to pay 70 UAH, then this amount will be deducted when installing the doors.

On the evening of the 15th, no one arrived. On the morning of the 16th, the measurer called, said that he had not received an SMS from the addresses, as a result, they agreed to make a measurement on the 17th in the morning. In the morning, everything was measured (the dimensions coincided with those that I said, and in general it is not difficult to measure the openings). Then at lunchtime I get a call from the company and they say that the price of the doors has increased today and I have to pay 770 UAH. The price really rose, the dollar jumped. But, after all, I made an advance payment and there is a contract with the specified amount. As a result, we agree that I will pay a rise in price only by those 30% that I did not pay. In total, the doors have risen in price by 230 UAH. If the measurer had arrived on the right day, I would not have paid anything extra. It turns out that in the Door Olympus, depositing money does not guarantee anything, the price is not fixed. This one is kind of unpleasant, then the point of making an advance payment at all and the meaning of that contract with the specified amount?

Then, half an hour later, they call me again and say that there is no one door in the warehouse! And instead, they offer another one. They are basically similar, we just wanted a blank canvas, and one with glass inserts. And so I had to settle for 2 doors with glass. The price for them in Papa Carlo is the same.

That is, not only do you have to pay extra, but also the model of the door that I do not receive in the contract.

P.S. the funniest thing is that on their website, the next day the price of the doors even fell in price, 1400 UAH became (you can see in the top picture), and it was 1540 UAH. But this is a temporary mistake, because with the change in the dollar exchange rate, all prices then changed.

Door delivery

Delivery was promised on the 20th from 13 to 15. As a result, after a call at 16-00, they said that the driver would come from 16 to 18. At 18:00 the doors with the box and fittings were brought in. I paid the remaining money and received a new contract. In the replaced door model and the new amount:

The contract says that the doors and fittings should be inspected well, so that there are no nuances. That everything would be in place. We were OK. Although I have no idea how to check that that box has arrived, or that the pickup is as much as necessary….

Installation of doors

When ordering doors, the manager said that only for you installation is possible even on the day of delivery. But we were not critical + – a couple of days. But in the end, the installation was scheduled as early as the 30th. That is, this is a week and a half after delivery.

The installers arrived on time. The doors have been installed, so far everything is fine. Warranty on installation 1 year. We paid the remaining 730 UAH.

It turns out that the installers were charged 200 UAH, for the fact that they did not arrive on time for the measurement :-(. Because of this, the rise in price of doors came out.

And for the test, I decided to call their hotline and ask if this is normal:

– price increase after prepayment of 70%

– replacement of the door model

– No gift 🙂

The gift is according to the terms of this promotion:

Door Olympus (

Well, in general, the support service promised to sort it out and … Wished a Happy New Year :-). And only for me at the next order discounts :-))))).

Update: We called back again from the Door Olympus and explained the situation:

1) Rise in price. No one expected it and it so happened that the door manufacturer very abruptly made it without any warning. But the surcharge could be demanded only for an unpaid amount. In general, I paid extra for the rise in price from this amount. In general, the company can be understood.

2) Replacement of one door model with another. This also sometimes happens when the manufacturer runs out of the right model in stock. And it either has to wait for a while, or offer a replacement. In general, this can also be understood.

3) Promised gift on the site. New Year's Eve, all business, it's just forgotten. But you can come visit them and pick him up :-). Overall, it's OK.

Other reviews about The Double Olympus

There aren't many of them, mostly positive. But there is also a negative one, when after payment even the color of the door was changed, probably the person was lucky just like me :-).

Door Olympus ( reviews

Door Olympus ( reviews


I am glad that the company reacts to negative reviews and meets halfway, i.e. improves the service.

In my case, i just accumulated a bunch of little things that spoiled the overall impression. You know, if there are jambs in every moment, you notice it.

Updated, about positive feedback about the company Door Olympus

The company is very responsible for reviews and the management instructs managers to regularly visit different sites and leave positive feedback. You can see the comments on this article as many people are happy with the super-duper company. So, it's all written by managers! This is checked very simply, at first the reviews are super positive and short. Like came, ordered, everything was very professionally explained, quickly delivered installed. Next, look at the dates of reviews on different sites, often you can find that the review is published on one date. That is, they gave managers the task of writing a positive review every first day of the month, so they went through the sites and wrote.

As you understand, even if the client is satisfied, well they will not look for 5 sites where you can leave a review.

Therefore, be careful, do not be fooled by such positive short reviews.

Contacts and addresses of Door Olympus stores

04114 Kiev Avtozavodskaya str. 29-A

Phone:+38 (044) 221-28-66 +38 (067) 403-55-16

08200 Irpen, Leningradskaya str., 11A, shop No13 (district "Fursheta")

Phone: +38 (098) 927-57-53

Official website: