Election Day 2010-02-07

So this number has come, February 7, the second round, only 2 candidates and thank God, and then you are already tired of these rolls, where there are 30 candidates, fuck you will find your own.

We gathered as usual at 7:00, at 7:15 we began the meeting of the commission. At 8-05 the site was opened, and there are already a lot of people behind the doors! Mostly grandmothers, and the hunt for them to get up so early.

It was business as usual, a couple of scandals, misunderstandings, blunders.

One of our members of the commission was not very eager to comply with the law and wanted to give a ballot to a person who is not on the lists, but after arguments and voting, the issue was resolved.

One young voter poked her passport, and 2 times a day, the first time she lost it in the corridor, and the second … and the second when she voted, that is, when she received the ballot, he was taken by accidentally by his uncle, thinking that it was his passport.

As a result, the parents came and made a scandal, although we found the uncle's address and the passport was safely found.

There were no particular problems in counting the votes. A discrepancy of one ballot, which was found during the recount. Then they took it all to the county precinct. We passed for about 4 hours. The protocols have been adopted. Everything is OK. It remains to wait for the money, I hope the parties will pay everything as promised.

Added: The money was paid, everything was as promised, it's good. True, the amount is 2 times less than in the first round, but it took less time for the elections, so everything is fair!