Coca-cola (Coca-Cola) – New Year's promotion 2010 at shopping centers in Kiev

Every year, the Coca-Cola brand holds different New Year's promotions. Usually this is the distribution of some trifles when buying 2 bottles of cola or the exchange of lids for some small prize.

But yesterday, near the Dream Town shopping center, there was a whole New Year's caravan of Coca-Cola trucks! One of the trucks was used as a stage, while the others just stood beautifully on the side of the road. Remember the "sacredly observe" advertisement where New Year's Coca-Cola trucks, with New Year's garlands, drove through the town? So such a caravan will pass in Ukraine!

The schedule of passage of trucks in different cities of Ukraine can be found on the official Ukrainian website of the Coca-Cola company:

In fact, the action has already ended, I hope next year there will also be such an action, the trucks look too cool.