Beard Bar in Irpen – a review of a visit to a good pub on Tsentralnaya Street

Boroda bar is a pub in Irpen, located in the center, next to the karaoke bars Vodka Sing.

Information about Beard Bar

This institution was opened at the end of 2014. More precisely, there was a restyling of the institution "Veranda". Next to the Bar Beard there is a karaoke bar "Vodka Sing". The kitchen at these establishments is one for two. Well, the owner is also common.

Given that the institution is new, the repair is also new and very not bad. You can see that the designer worked. The institution is divided into 2 levels, on the first more for those who came to drink and eat, on the second – to relax. Since there is a console, ottomans, table football. That is, you can not only drink beer, but also have fun.

Menu and prices in Beard

Beer, there are not many varieties: Light, Dark, Honey, who brews it is not known, the waitress did not know the manufacturer. There are Cider, cocktails and strong alcoholic beverages.

The menu is also not large, the prices are slightly lower than kiev, that is, if you compare with the just relax institution, where we recently went – then the prices for everything are slightly lower.

By the way, you can get acquainted with all the prices on the official page of the Vkontakte bar – the link at the bottom of the article.

Review of a trip to the Beard Bar

We decided to go into it by accident, and on the sign we confused it with Vodka-sing, they are just very, very close. Considering that until the end of 2014, there is a 50% discount on all food, we decided to stay to eat :-).

Honey beer is very amateurish, it is very sweet, more like a punch.

The beer is dark – very much nothing.

Pig ears – liked, cut them coarsely. And by the way, at a discount, a portion cost only 16 UAH!!! It's very cheap.

A dish with sausages and french fries is quite common, in the picture the sausages are different. But given the discount of 50% – forgivable. But to buy it at full cost, the question will arise why not those sausages.

Pasta and mushroom soup. Also delicious, given the 50% discount. But again, buy them for full price – in Kiev you can find pasta for better, however, and it will cost a little more :-).

In general, I got the impression that because of the discount, the required amount of meat is not added to the portions. Although maybe it just seemed.

In any case, I recommend going to this bar. The interior deserves attention, well, and the prices until the end of 2014 are just very cheap. Dinner for two cost us 150 UAH.

Contacts and address of The Beard Bar

Address: Irpin, Tsentralnaya str., 57

Phone: +38(093)-26-26-777

Official Vkontakte group: