Bir Liv ( – brewery-pub on Obolon on Stalingrada 16-B. Reviews

Bir Liv ( is a Kiev restaurant-brewery. It is located not far from the metro station Obolon or Minska (10 minutes walk). In English, the correct name of the pub: Beer Live.

Information about Beer Liv Brewery

In general, the name on the Russian, can be read as "Beer Live". But we asked the waiter what was the right thing to do – the answer was "Bir Liv".

What is remarkable about this brewing bar. Of course with your own beer!

Now the truth is there are only 4 varieties. But still. Who wants to try a new beer and sit in a pleasant place – it is worth looking into Bir Liv.

Review of beer Liv pub

We went there in the evening, on Saturday. Tables were free, the occupancy of the restaurant was 60%. The interior of the pub is pleasant, strict. I liked the chairs – heavy ones. Nice to sit on them and move :-). So for the situation – credit.

Menu and prices. In general, prices are quite normal, that is, it is actually difficult to describe what is normal and what is not, so we will give the facts. Beer – all 4 varieties at 24 UAH per 0.5. Snacks for beer, in general, are not cheap, BUT, the portions are large. We ordered "pig ears" (cost 48 UAH) – so brought a large portion that two were quite enough to eat + they also brought a compliment for free, in the form of locally made chips.

By the way about the "ears" – they were poured with sauce and turned out to be very tasty! It's one of the most delicious pork ears I've ever eaten.

As for beer. As mentioned above, there are 4 varieties. We first ordered a tasting set, it costs as much as 2 glasses of beer and is a set of four small glasses of beer. The set is quite enough to taste all the beers together.

By varieties, there are: Light, Wheat, Ale, Stout (dark). The first 2 varieties somehow did not impress me at all. Beer is like beer. But ale and stout have a pronounced taste. But this is all for an amateur, so I recommend ordering a tasting set to choose the variety that you like the most.

In general, the institution left a positive impression about itself. Prices may be a little too high, but good service, large portions (not to mention in Beer Fish) are worth it to go at least once to Bir Liv.

Contact information and address of Beer Liv Pub

Phones: (067) 343 33 22,(044) 412 00 10

Address: Heroiv Stalingrada Ave., 16-V.

Official site of the institution: