BeerFish – a network of sushi-beer establishments in Kiev with cheap prices and a discount program

BeerFish (Beer Fish) – a network of small restaurants, sushi bars in Kiev. This network was opened in 2013.

Its peculiarity is a discount program, with which you can drink beer and eat sushi for free :-).

Information about the BirFish sushi pub chain and its discount program

In fact, the BeerFish chain is an ordinary beer pub that serves sushi and other snacks with beer. The interior of the establishments is not rich and in this network the service is like in the pizzerias of Celentano, i.e. go to the bar, buy beer and immediately pay for it. Snacks are brought to you at the table.

But, the main feature is the discount program of BirFish. With the help of which, firstly, the price of all dishes falls, and secondly, for each invited friend, you get a percentage!

If you look at the picture, you get a whole pyramid:

BeerFish - a network of sushi-beer establishments in Kiev with cheap prices and a discount program

That is, you first get a discount card yourself and the prices for you are 25% lower than indicated in the menu (although the menu indicates 2 prices, for regular customers and no, your price will be as for regular ones).

Further, if a friend is registered by your card number, then you receive 5% of his embezzlement in BirFish. And if someone registers with a friend's card, then from this person you get 3% of his expenses.

Thus, if you invite 10 friends, each of whom invites under 10 more friends… and they will go to the bar at least once a week then…. In general, beer can be drunk almost for free :-).

By the way, the card is personalized and you are photographed during registration, i.e. you will not be able to give the card to a friend later, because the photo is visible.

To register you need a passport or a license! And mobile phone

Prices in the selection of sushi and beer in BeerFish

The choice of beer is not large, but I am glad that there is cheap beer and expensive. Cheap is Chernihiv (10 UAH) and their local (14 UAH), and expensive is Hugarden (30 UAH) and Loef (25 UAH for 0.33). Prices are for customers with a card.

Beer prices are generally normal. But with a snack, things are not in the best way. Prices for it are also normal, but the portions are very small!

Let's say cheese sticks (deep-fried cheese), for 110 grams the price is 23 UAH. Crackers 100 grams cost 15 UAH. Other dishes also cost 20 UAH approximately and portions of 100 grams.

The price for them comes out normal, but again I repeat, the portions are really small!

The price of sushi is normal, from 30 UAH per set of 6 rolls. But the roles aren't big either.

In general, if you slightly increased the range of snacks for beer, the institution would be generally super!

All purchase operations are carried out through the card! That is, first the card is replenished, and then the money for beer-sushi-snack is already written off from it.

And you can replenish the card only for the amount of a multiple of 10

Promotion when registering in BeerFish

Until January 25, 2014, if you register in the institution on a friend's card, you get 15 UAH on the card :-), + a glass of Chernihiv beer, and your friend drips 20 UAH. I.e. you can take 4 friends, and go just to drink beer almost for free. It will only be necessary to replenish each card with 20 UAH, so that the friend would drop 20 UAH :-).

Maybe this action will be extended by the way. But I wouldn't waste any time and go get this card :-).

Contacts BirFish, addresses in Kiev

So far, 3 BirFish establishments have been opened. You can find them at the following addresses:

Kyiv, Anna Akhmatova str., 30, phone: 044 500 16 48

Kyiv, Krasnozvezdny Avenue, 4-d, Phone: 044 503 58 06

Kyiv, Revutskogo str., 31, Phone: 044 507 03 34

Official website of the BEERFISH chain of establishments: