Driving school Signal ( in Kiev. Reviews, opinions

"Signal" ( is a network of driving schools in the city of Kiev. "Signals" are in almost any district of the city of Kiev. This is one of the largest chains of driving schools in the city.

Information about driving schools Signal

Addresses of driving schools Signal, you can see on their official website. A lot of them. As for reviews about this driving school, there are most of them and most of them are negative reviews. There are objective reasons for this.

Enrollment in a driving school occurs in a completely normal way. Come, sign up, pay for the theory and start learning. Within a month, you will also have to pay for the practice. In the driving school Signal there is an internal exam, which not everyone passes.

Reviews about the driving school Signal

It so happened that I had a chance to go through 2 driving schools, the first was Signal. Needless to say, I never got my license in this driving school, so I had to enroll in another.

I went to driving school for company with a friend, although I had to read reviews about them on the Internet beforehand. And do not go to the forum of the driving school Signal, there negative reviews are very quickly deleted, and positive ones are written by girls who work at the reception in Signal.

The theory in Signal is taught in principle normally, although it all depends on the teacher, some good and some bad :-). With driving, it's the same thing. By the way, there is a very large turnover of driving instructors in signal.

I had no luck with the instructor. I recommend changing the instructor if he doesn't explain well, screams, or you just don't like it. A lot depends on the instructor! On the website of the driving school, it is written that the driving lesson lasts 90 minutes. This is taking into account the technical break of 15 minutes. That is, you will drive for a maximum of 75 minutes. If you constantly drive less than 70 minutes, this is bad. It is better to change the instructor again.

The price of training in Signal is one of the lowest in Kiev, but if you understand, you will have to pay much more. The main means of siphoning money out of customers is an internal driving test. You will pass the theory yourself, because there is nothing to complain about, the answer is either correct or not. But when you pass driving.. there are a lot of nuances. In order to successfully and easily pass the internal exam in signal, you need to take a few additional driving lessons! And only then you will pass the internal exam, or you will go there 10 times to pass. Sometimes it gets ridiculous, a person who has been driving a car for 2 years, can not pass the internal exam, read more about it: here, as well as look on the Internet for other reviews about the Signal driving school.

The attitude of the driving school to the client is not good when you have already paid the money. All the talk boils down to the fact that you are "a fool yourself." Needless to say, when even in mrEO, Signal, they are considered dibils, they have a very low rate of "surrenders" without bribes and not all graduates of Signal receive rights, I am an example of this. By the way, the Signal is covered by the cops. Therefore, the school is essentially a cop. Its owner is either a former cop or still in the service.

Now a little positive about signal. There are those who pass the exam themselves. Well, if you come across a normal instructor, then you can agree with him to pass the exam for money :-). In fact, most people give up, I think it's no secret to anyone. In general, if you come across a normal instructor, then you will pass the exam. And in the traffic police, too. It's just a pity that in the driving school "by default" you do not drive on the track of exams for training. It is necessary to separately agree on this with the instructor. Well, in general, in the Signal of course many pass themselves, but I do not recommend going to this driving school! If you do not want possible problems with passing the internal exam, a disregard for yourself and the school's pofigism to your exam in the traffic police.

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