OutPub is a good beer pub in Kiev on Dmitrievskaya, not far from the circus. Feedback on the visit

OutPub is a bar that is located not far from the Kiev circus, on Dmitrievskaya Street.

Information about the outpub pub

He belongs to the same company that owns the institution "Podshofe". They even have a common website.

OutPub was opened in 2010. The price segment of this institution is medium. That is, here the prices are at the level of the same Porter or Solomenskaya brewery.

From entertainment, this is an opportunity to watch football – there are a lot of TVs in the institution! And live music on weekends. However, it is necessary to clarify the schedule, because groups do not always play.

Beer in OutPab

The choice of beer is not bad. There are Ukrainian varieties and foreign ones. And then there's Honey Cider, which tastes good too. The full list of beers is better to look at on the official website in the "menu" section. Thais and prices are indicated.

By the way, for the site a separate offset AutoPabu – you can find out everything you need. And then some institutions on their website do not publish menus, or publish menus without prices. Like a surprise will be when you visit…

Food & Snacks at Outpab

Again, it is better to watch the menu on the official website. In general, the choice of snacks is good and they are normal, i.e. you can eat well and not very expensive. In addition, there are even business lunches.

Personal feedback on your visit to OutPub

I visited this place in 2014 and was very pleased with both the beer, the cuisine and the service. From beer, we drank dark Goat, and Rodbrau bronze (brewed in Ukraine).

For an appetizer, we decided to take for three "Snack Zabegailovskaya". By weight there are as much as 560 grams, a lot of meat dishes, but spicy! I liked the appetizer. It turns out that for three you can safely take this plate for beer and have a good snack.

I liked the service too. Although maybe so lucky, but the girl (waitress or hostess) was very courteous and quickly brought everything. A total of 5 points.

So the institution definitely deserves attention and it is definitely worth going there.

Contacts OutPub, official website

Phone: 044 482-22-48

Address: Dmitrievskaya str., 18/24

Official website: